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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Was Arson Involved in San Francisco Fire?

Although the investigation is ongoing and this article indicates that the fire may have been caused by construction work, my first thought when I heard about it last night was "arson?" The building was to house multiple, high end condos that were likely intended for San Francisco's burgeoning tech-worker population---the very same population that has been meeting increasing hostility from the city's old guard, including, at least in the case of the woman who was attacked in a bar for wearing Google Glasses, violence.

Like many longtime urban inhabitants, these people think they own the place and that it should never change, even though cities, by their very nature, are fluid and policies they themselves supported (rent control, anyone?) helped lead to the current high cost of living. I remember back during the dot-com-turned-bomb boomtown days in SF, I had that attitude towards the new, wealthy population of tech-workers, although I think I was mostly just jealous. Check out the lone comment at the bottom of this article to get the idea.

Whatever the outcome of this investigation, I have a feeling we'll hear more about San Francisco's "civil war" in the years to come.


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