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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in Dubai

Apparently, Christmas is quite popular in Dubia, although, according to this writer, the celebrations are mostly non-religious. Either way, it seems a positive development to me. Pastor Ravi Zacharias (hat tip: Ruth Malhotra), discussing the phenomenon from a Christian perspective, notes the contrast with, of all places, the U.S., where the "holiday that shall not be named" continues to languish:
[A]s I write, I am in the largest Muslim country in the world, yet, everywhere there are Christmas decorations, the strains of Christmas carols in the malls and elevators, and the hotel staff wishing me a 'Merry Christmas.' It’s Christmas in Indonesia. If you were in the UAE, Indonesia, even Syria, you would see the same thing and hear the same Christmas carols in the hotels and malls. Ironically, on the news this very week is a story of a school in a town in Texas that sent a letter to parents of students informing them there was a ban on children wearing red or green for their 'holiday party'; apparently, red and green 'send the wrong message.'
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