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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will Muslim Girl Power Win ‘The Glee Project’?

Capitalizing on the success of “Glee,” the Oxygen Channel has come up with “The Glee Project,” a reality TV talent competition in which contestants vie for a coveted spot on the show’s namesake. Currently about to conclude its second season, “The Glee Project”—in keeping with the high school-era outcasts that inhabit “Glee”—put out a call for the awkward, the overweight, the disabled, the curiously little, the racially ambiguous, the sexually confused, the openly gay, the transitioning transgenders, and, of course, some plain old cute guys, no doubt to corner the teenage girl market.

Notable among this season’s contestants is 19-year-old Aylin (pronounced “Eileen”) Bayramoglu from Chicago. She’s a confident, vibrant, flirtatious young woman with what I consider to be the contest’s best voice. She also happens to be a Muslim.

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Update: Well, Aylin didn't win after all. Instead they picked the talented but rather bland Blake, repeating last season's pattern of choosing the best-looking guy out of the bunch. I guess they've got the teenage girl and gay guy markets cornered. It's a shame they didn't rise to the occasion, but I'm sure Aylin has a bright future ahead of her.


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