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Thursday, August 23, 2012

USF Prof Stephen Zunes Still Shilling for Iran

Writing for Campus Watch, Rima Greene and I report on a recent lecture from University of San Francisco professor Stephen Zunes, who continues to act as an apologist for the bellicose Iranian regime. Our article appears today at Frontpage Magazine:
On August 5, 2012, Stephen Zunes—professor of politics and international studies and director of the Middle East studies program at the University of San Francisco—made his seventh appearance at the hilltop Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (UUCB) in the northern enclave of Kensington. Zunes is a regular at UUCB, no doubt because his views are in line with the church's "Social Justice Council," which, according to their website, "sponsors forums focussing [sic] on social justice topics" in pursuit of the quixotic goal of "working towards a better, more just world." Accordingly, there were copies of the British-based newspaper Positive News in the vestibule with the headline, "U.N. Calls for Happiness-based Economy."
The church may call for happiness, but as Zunes's lecture demonstrated, it willfully ignores terrorists, who have been known to cause quite a bit of unhappiness, not to mention death. His topic was "The United States and Iran" and in keeping with his past talks on the subject, Zunes assured the audience of approximately fifty people that Iran is not a threat.
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