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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Torturing the Truth at Duke Divinity

Jay Schalin of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy attended and reported on a conference at Duke University's Divinity School at which Duke's first Muslim chaplain chose to demand respect rather than earn it. Schalin's article, commissioned by Campus Watch, appears at American Thinker:

Should we automatically accept--at face value--Duke University's first Muslim chaplain, Abdullah Antepli, as part of an emerging loyal, moderate American Islam, simply because he insists that we do so?

Perhaps not, when all his words and associations are taken into account. He seems eager to join hands with others -- Muslim, Christian, and secular -- who express animosity toward this country and Western societies in general. And at one recent event, he attacked the citizens of his adopted country for their failure to blindly assume Muslim immigrants mean them well.

"Being a Muslim in the United States is another form of torture, a psychological torture, an emotional torture, and it's just getting worse," he declared at the "Toward a Moral Consensus against Torture" conference at Duke University on March 25-26. The conference attracted approximately 100 left-wing academics, theologians, and members of the local activist community for some old-fashioned America-bashing.

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

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