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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Derangement Syndrome: Obama's Worst Enemy?

My latest SFGate column examines the growing phenomenon of PDS:

There's a new affliction sweeping the nation, and it's known as Palin Derangement Syndrome. The phenomenon is similar to Bush Derangement Syndrome, a term coined by political columnist Charles Krauthammer to describe the personal animosity and irrational hatred directed at President Bush by his leftist opponents. But this time, Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, is the object of wrath.

The feeding frenzy began with the news of Palin's selection, but it was her electrifying speech at the Republic National Convention last month that really set it off. In one fell swoop, Palin managed to energize the Republican base, breathe life into the McCain campaign, launch some very effective jabs at Barack Obama, and quite possibly, attract the support of the 18 million Hillary Clinton voters.

The attacks on Palin have ranged from patronizing to vicious to fantastical. She has been caricatured as an inexperienced rube, a baby-making automaton, an uneducated underachiever, a bad mother, trailer-park trash, a rightwing religious fanatic, a sexual fantasy, and of course, a fascist. No subject has been deemed taboo in the effort to take Palin down.

What her detractors don't seem to realize is that in the process of insulting Palin, they are insulting the majority of the country. If being a self-made success story, a working mother, a church-going member of a small-town community, and a believer in moderate to conservative political viewpoints disqualifies Palin, what does that say about mainstream America? The inherent condescension at the heart of the anti-Palin campaign is coming across loud and clear and it may actually be boosting her popularity.
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Update: Since writing the above, the hacking of Sarah Palin's personal e-mail address has come to light. Michelle Malkin reports here and here.

Update II: In a similar vein, Democratic strategist Paul Begala called Carla Fiorina, John McCain's economic advisor, an "idiot" yesterday on "Hardball with Chris Matthews." Keep it up, guys...

Update III: It looks like the person who hacked Palin's personal e-mail address was none other than David Kernell, son of Tennesse Democratic Rep. Mike Kernell. Gateway Pundit has the details here and there's more from Michelle Malkin here.

Update IV: Meanwhile, Palin has been disinvited from the upcoming rally to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (and his quest for nuclear weapons) when he speaks at the UN next week. This after Hillary Clinton (to her shame) pulled out of the rally after Palin's involvement was announced. Solomonia has the latest.

Update V: The official investigation into David Kernell, son of Tennesse Democratic Rep. Mike Kernell, as the potential Palin hacker is underway. His father, of course, claims to know nothing. The relative silence of the MSM on his involvement speaks volumes. If it were a Republican, one can only imagine the uproar.

Meanwhile, The Jawa Report has an explosive report on the smear campaign against Palin that, "While not conclusive...suggests a link to the Barack Obama campaign."


Blogger Jeremayakovka said...

Your explication of PDS reminds me of a point Phyllis Chesler makes in The New Anti-Semitism: an eroticized, blind hatred projected at one's enemy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You really think she is accomplished?

Thursday, September 18, 2008 1:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberal religion writer Anne Lammott brags about her derangement in Salon:

Thursday, September 18, 2008 5:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are watching the U.S. Election.

Anyone who doesn't like a
(1) candidate who enjoys shooting animals,
(2) candidate who will make foreign policy decisions from a stand point of supposed God given wrath,
(3) who has done almost no travel internationally and is exceedingly parochial,

is very worried that such a narrow minded idiot may be in a position to control the strongest nation
militarily and the largest economy in the world.

I have been viewing International politics for 30+ years and I have never seen a more dangerous candidate
for the U.S. Vice Presidency ( and therefore a potential President).

It is literally horrifying.

An Australian living in Japan and Korea.

Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know who to vote for?

With America facing historic debt, multiple war fronts, stumbling healthcare, a weakened dollar, all-time high prison population, skyrocketing Federal spending, mortgage crises, bank foreclosures, etc. etc., this is an unusually critical election year. Let's look at the educational background of your two options:

Obama:Occidental College - Two years.Columbia University - B.A. political science with a specialization in international relations. Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude.

Biden:University of Delaware - B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


McCain:United States Naval Academy - Class rank 894 of 899.

Palin:Hawaii Pacific University - 1semester North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study University of Idaho - 2 semesters -journalism Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in journalism.

Now, which team are you going to hire ?

I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this
* If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you're"exotic, different."

* Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, a quintessential American story.

* If your name is Barack you're a radical, unpatriotic Muslim.

* Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you're a

* Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable.

* Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you're well grounded.

* If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran's Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience.

* If your total resume is: local weather lady, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you're qualified to become the country's second highest ranking executive.

* If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within Protestant churches, you're not a real Christian.

* If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you're a Christian.

* If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.

* If , while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state's school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant , you're very responsible.

* If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family's values don't represent America's.

* If you're husband is nicknamed "First Dude", with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn't register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable.

OK, much clearer now? Do you now know who to vote for?

Thursday, September 18, 2008 7:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... A major newspaper published this stupid article? No wonder newspapers around the country are in such trouble.

Friday, September 19, 2008 3:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazingly tone deaf, Cinnamon.

By the time you wrote this, polls already showed Obama back in the lead.

Women prefer Obama.

After the new car smell wore off Palin, her likability ratings plummeted 21 points. She is now the least popular of the candidates.

You are clearly in the small minority of delusional neocons.

Get a clue ... or at least try to do some real research before you write such easily debunked drivel.

Friday, September 19, 2008 9:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cinnamon, I'm surprised you're not on the ticket with McCain. You can lie just as well as Sarah..."keep it up"...

Friday, September 19, 2008 10:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon. said:
"Anyone who doesn't like a
(1) candidate who enjoys shooting animals,"

The family eats the animals too. You sound like another bloodless wimpy vegan...and proud of it.

"(2) candidate who will make foreign policy decisions from a stand point of supposed God given wrath,"

Why would you think that when her record is right out there for even a blind leftist to review? She never inserted her religious beliefs into her governing in Alaska. You just hate it that someone actually believes what she does. To you it's a thought crime.

"(3) who has done almost no travel internationally and is exceedingly parochial,"

Well aren't we an elitist snob. Truman didn't travel much either. Bill Cllinton did though when he was draft dodging in England.

Who really gives a damn what the international left think.

Friday, September 19, 2008 10:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama is an empty suit who is struck dumb w/out a teleprompter. He's wouldn't even be a candidate for Pres, for which he is completely inadequate, w/out friends in the right places. Like that Saudi guy Mansur who got him into Harvard.

He's the first affirmative action nominee for Pres. He didn't write his book. How could he have written NOTHING else? His position at the Harvard Review was a token (Mansur again) and he contributed NOTHING.

He wasn't even a good rabble rouser. His wife wears the pants in that family. And let's see some inquiry into that massive raise she got at U of Chicago hospital from $121,000 - $350,000, coincidentally after her hubby got a huge earmark for the hospital.

I guess it's more important to investigate the V
P choice Palin instead of an unqualified, infanticide-loving, Saudi connected, Alinsky-bot running at the top of the 'Rat ticket.

McCain/Palin '08

Friday, September 19, 2008 10:59:00 AM  
Blogger Jeremayakovka said...

On qualification:

Abe Lincoln was largely self-taught, his lexicon came mostly from The Holy Bible and Shakespeare.A little more Shakespeare, a little more experience may be all it takes to prime Palin for the top job.

Friday, September 19, 2008 1:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservative columnist: Palin should go

18 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — A conservative columnist who welcomed Sarah Palin's entry in national politics says she's proven to be a dud and should step aside as John McCain's running mate.

Kathleen Parker, writing in the National Review Online, says her "cringe reflex is exhausted" after watching the Alaska governor stumble through TV interviews and it's become clear to her that Palin is out of her league.

"No one hates saying that more than I do," Parker writes. "Like so many women, I've been pulling for Palin, wishing her the best, hoping she will perform brilliantly. I've also noticed that I watch her interviews with the held breath of an anxious parent, my finger poised over the mute button in case it gets too painful. Unfortunately, it often does."

Palin, new to national politics, boosted Republican presidential nominee John McCain in polls and excited the party's core conservatives when he chose the first-term governor for his ticket. Some of that shine has since worn off in polls.

Parker said she thought Palin was a "refreshing feminist of a different order" when she joined the ticket, but it's become clear she doesn't know enough about economics or foreign policy to be president should that become necessary in a McCain administration.

"Only Palin can save McCain, her party, and the country she loves," Parker writes. "She can bow out for personal reasons, perhaps because she wants to spend more time with her newborn. No one would criticize a mother who puts her family first."

Saturday, September 27, 2008 11:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cannelle , vous devriez modérer les commentaires ! une telle haine envers Sarah Palin n'est pas le fait de gens normaux ! vive MCCain / Sarah Palin !Dieu bénisse l'Amérique

Friday, October 24, 2008 12:01:00 PM  

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