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Monday, October 22, 2007

Jack Engelhard's "The Bathsheba Deadline" with a Foreword By Yours Truly

Author and columnist Jack Engelhard has been both a colleague and a longtime supporter of my work. In fact, when his latest novel, The Bathsheba Deadline, began coming out in installments via Amazon Shorts (a modern version of a literary form that goes back to the nineteenth century--the serial novel), I found myself appearing as a character of sorts in its pages.

Engelhard's novel, a love triangle of, literally, biblical proportions set against the backdrop of the war on terrorism and modern day journalism, includes references to both current events and current players in the world of new media. So it was that my name came up on more than one occasion, all of which were, of course, quoted on the homepage of my website in the "What People Are Saying" section. I also blogged about the book, describing it as "fiction straight out of the headlines." For I read each installment as it came out and found myself eagerly anticipating the next.

Happily, The Bathsheba Deadline is now out in book form and my earlier blog post, with a few adjustments and additions, appears as the foreword. This was my first foray into such literary territory and it's written more in the style of the new media than that of a typical book foreword. But, considering Englehard's tribute to what he calls in the book "Bypass Journalism" (as in bypassing the mainstream media, which, all too often, is willfully out to lunch on the major stories of our day), this seemed fitting.

The foreword can be read at the website of the publisher,, and by clicking here and here. And I recommend all those in the market for a novel that reflects both the world we live in and the ancient underpinnings with which we continue to grapple to give The Bathsheba Deadline a read. If so, I'll see you in print...


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