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Friday, August 10, 2007

"Indoctrinate U" Outtake on Columbia Exposes Hamid Dabashi's Bigotry

I have a new post up at the Campus Watch blog on Columbia professor Hamid Dabashi whose bigoted remarks about "Israeli Jews" come to light in a hilarious yet shocking outtake from Evan Coyne Maloney's upcoming documentary, "Indoctrinate U":

Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature and Chairman of the Middle East Languages and Cultures department at Columbia University, figures prominently in the work of those of us trying to bring accountability and balance back to the field of Middle East studies. His anti-Western, pro-Islamist, and, at times, anti-Semitic commentary have been noted by Campus Watch on many occasions.

Indeed, he holds the current "Quote of the Month" spot for his review of the film "300," in which he likens the Persian Empire to modern-day America and the Spartans to the "Iraqi resistance, the Palestinians, [and] Hizbullah," while attempting to justify suicide bombings by comparing them to the Spartans' last stand at Thermopylae. This is what many have come to expect from Dabashi, whose apologetics seem to know no bounds.

Dabashi makes another appearance of sorts in an outtake from the upcoming documentary, "Indoctrinate U." The film, which will feature interviews with Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes and Middle East scholar Martin Kramer, focuses on bias and the "institutional intolerance" that's rampant in higher education. Filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney has been making deleted scenes available at the "Indoctrinate U" website and the first of these involves Columbia University (watch it here).

In a "Columbia Quiz" given randomly to students and other passersby on campus, Maloney uses a Dabashi quote to make a point about what passes for acceptable in academia today.

Continue reading "Indoctrinate U" Outtake on Columbia Exposes Hamid Dabashi's Bigotry.

And click here to read my SFGate review of the film "300," which couldn't be more different from Dabashi's (imagine that?).


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