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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blog-Fest-West is Tonight!

In case readers hadn't yet noted the Blog-Fest-West button at the top of this blog or read the many reminders I've been sending around, let me just say, one last time, that Blog-Fest-West is tonight!

Co-planned by Pajamas Media folks Nina Yablok, Ed Driscoll, and myself (I'll be joining the PJM blogger network shortly), BFW will be held in San Francisco at the beautiful Fort Mason. All the relevant information is available at the Blog-Fest-West website, including info about a Sunday brunch we've planned for those who can't make it tonight or just want a second round.

We've got a ton of West Coast right-leaning bloggers, writers, editors, and friends thereof (many members of my group, the 9/11Neocons will be joining in) attending, so it should be a lot fun. If anyone hasn't RSVP'd and is planning on attending, please let me know by writing to

See you there!

Update: If anyone want to mark the occasion with Blog-Fest-West gear, click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun Cinnamon !!

Sunday, August 19, 2007 5:33:00 AM  

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