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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Republican Death Wish?

Glenn Reynolds explores the the Republican Party (led by the Bush administration)'s apparent death wish at Instapundit. No surprise here as I was commenting on some of the same issues recently. When there's no discernible difference between the Republican and Democrat parties, things have pretty much come full circle.

The problem is our politicians inhabit a bubble-world, also frequented by the mainstream media, into which common sense rarely filters. It's up to the blogosphere, talk radio and other alternative media to speak for the American people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After considering the intent of 'The Founding Fathers', I sent the following 'greeting' to my surrogate Republican 'fathers' in the Senate re; immigration control:

"Frankly, Senator, on this issue, it is apparent that large majorities (65% to 75%) of Citizens do not trust 'government' to keep its word.

The 1986 'Control and Reform Act' was declared 'unworkable', but in the subsequent 20 odd years, all of the 'immigration acts' have been to open the doors even wider.

Any 'new' law, no matter how 'comprehensive', is STILL based on even more promises. While many have forgotten all of the provisions for 'control' in the 1986 Act, very few have forgotten the promised 'fence'.

Any 'new' law, in order to be acceptable, must first include securing the border. Then upgrade any illegal border crossing and knowingly hiring of an illegal alien to felonies. Include use of fraudulent ID to obtain a job or benefits as a FEDERAL felony.

Give illegals 60 to 90 days to leave the United States and after that 'grace period', any illegal on American soil will be declared as having committed a felony.

Although I do not know if it has been used as a tool, employers must provide certain information to the IRS -- up front on all new hires. There are methods to flag that information as erroneous and even suspicious, and if a new hire then provides corrected and unsuspicious information, the matter should be pursued no further. But if not, it SHOULD be pursued.

And there must be a requirement to learn English, even for permanent residency, and no more anchor babies and chain migration.

I am not an expert, but I would like to once again have some measure of trust in my government that it is concerned about me, not in just regulating everything I do or telling me to swallow whatever the 'government' may dish up.

Sincerely, and Happy Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 4:44:00 AM  

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