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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blogosphere Roundup on Psychology Today's "Ideological Animal" Article

The blogosphere continues to weigh in on Psychology Today's "The Ideological Animal" article with a number of interesting posts and even one podcast.

The following is a roundup of all related links thus far:

This week's PJM Sanity Squad podcast, hosted by Shrinkwrapped, Neo-Neocon, Dr. Sanity and Siggy, focuses "On Fear." These four blogger/mental health professionals give the PT article a sound thrashing.

Shrinkwrapped on The Use and Mis-Use of Psychology

Fausta's blog on Psy Today's Ideological Animal .

Andrew Sullivan find the PT study "provocative" in "Fear and Politics."

Red State Kids parodies the PT article with "Want Conservative Minded Kids? Then Scare Them to Death."

Radio Nerd on "Why Conservatives are the True Bedwetters."

Yave Begnet questions the "Fear of Death" thesis.

Flame Skirt finds that that PT article reinforces his/her notions about "how fear and ignorance has changed this country" (presumably since 9/11).

Raising Kaine, which bills itself as "The Voice of Progressive Virginia" invokes Karl Rove conspiracies in discussing "Liberals and Conservatives at Age 3."

In addition, I've posted several items at my own blog on the subject. Click here, here, here and here to read.

Beyond the blogosphere, Washington Post staff writer Peter Carlson references the PT article in "Delving Into Political Minds."

I've omitted several blogs that only linked to, rather than commenting on, the PT article. But if there's anything significant I've missed, feel free to post the links in the comments section. I'll be adding more links as they arise.

Update: Iron Shrink presents "A Methodology Critique in Defense of Those Wascally Wepublicans" (hat tip Fausta).

Dissecting Leftism opines on "Another Misleading Analysis of Conservatism By Leftist Psychologists." Blogger John Ray is one of the authors whose research was cited in the Jost study, which is referenced in the PT article.

Update II: Conservative radio talk show host Sean Hannity discussed the PT article during today's (1/18) show. He mostly focused on "liberals vs. conservatives" stereotypes and found the article to be extremely skewed in its approach.

Update III: Michelle Malkin weighs in briefly with "Debunking the 'conservatives are crazy' study" (hat tip Jeremaykovka).

Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters notes that "Psychology Today Rips Conservatives While Praising Liberals."

Update IV: Day by Day, a popular online (conservative-leaning) comic strip, gets in a dig at the PT article in today's (1/19) strip.

Update V: Blogger, friend and fellow Kesher Talk contributor (and 9/11 Neocon/Libhawk) Asher Abrams has posted an "Open Letter to Jay Dixit" at his blog, Dreams Into Lightning. He too was interviewed for the article and he makes a very good point: " an entire article devoted to what you call the 9/11 effect,' there is not a single direct reference to the terrorist attacks that killed almost 3,000 Americans."

Update VI: The Daily Duck weighs in on the "The Scandal of the Leftist Mind."

Blog-friend, fellow post-9/11 political traveler and Sanity Squad co-host Neo-neocon lends her voice to the discussion in "The psychology of Psychology Today (about those liberals and conservatives)." Neo was interviewed for the PT article too, but didn't make the cut because, she suspects, her story didn't fit the "fear as motivator" thesis being pushed by the author.

Update VII: Right As Usual responds to the PT article with "I Feel a Rant Comin' On."

Fausta chimes in again with "Neo-neocon Posts About the Psychology of Psychology Today."

Update VIII: David Yeagley reflects on the PT article and post-9/11 political transformation at It seems Mike McConnell discussed the subject on his Cincinnati radio show last weekend.

Cross-posted at Kesher Talk.


Blogger LCarolS said...

It should not surprise anyone that the conclusions are consistent with a liberal worldview. Worldview is everything. My worldview as a conservative is pro-life, not fear of death... as a matter of fact, death holds very little fear for me (other than the likely pain involved) because of my faith. I simply believe that life is the highest value, that every life is worthy of protection. Liberals tend to love death (Terry Shiavo, abortion, assisted suicide, mercy killings, all championed by leftists)... as long as it is not their own. They tend to talk about over-population and make statements about how many human beings should be allowed on the planet (again, as long as THEY are some of them!). As a conservative, however, I take the opposite view: I wish to conserve life; I wish to conserve freedom for every life; I wish to conserve the societal conditions that support that life of liberty. That makes me craven in the eyes of the liberals? So be it.

Saturday, January 20, 2007 3:23:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the link to my blog, The Daily Duck. The Psychology Today article really struck a nerve with a lot of people. I can't believe that anyone takes that magazine seriously anymore, not after publishing such a transparently partisan screed.

You have a great blog! I'll definitely make it a regular stop.

Monday, January 22, 2007 6:23:00 PM  
Blogger Cinnamon said...

Thanks, Duck! Right back at you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 4:20:00 PM  

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