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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

America's Border War

Speaking of illegal immigration (see post below), my new column is up at

America's Border War

Read it and weep.


Blogger Nessus said...

It seems the fix is in....leading politicos of both parties, the media, academia, major religious figures as well as business, all want never ending "migation" of half of Mexico and Central America into the USA. It's also clear that perhaps about 75% of the American people are strongly against this action.

Who will win the test of wills? The public is constantly fed rhetoric like "we're a nation of immigrants" or "we're all immigrants" but these are both fairly meaningless. Most (if not all nations) are nations of immigrants and while we in the US may be descendants of immigrants, this can also be said of most people around the world as well. Neither argument is an excuse for not having and enforcming common sense immigration and border laws.

The lack of enforcement going on is a deal - a financial deal between the elites of Mexico and the elites in our country. Can the American people stop it, that's the question. Mexico is a highly corrupt, disfunctional nation that is exporting their peasants into the US in order to send money back to the home country. However, these people are not robots - they are human beings who have babies, who have problems and troubles and commit quite a few crimes as well. But the media won't shine light on the increasing illegal alien crime wave moving across this nation, not a word, illegal Latinos get a break to violate our laws in order for business to have their cheap labor and politicians to have their cheap votes in the future.

Sunday, January 14, 2007 11:21:00 AM  

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