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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Comic Relief

It seems John "Effing" Kerry has stepped in it once again with his recent comments indicating that the U.S. military is comprised of a bunch of uneducated idiots.

Well, those (in actuality) enterprising soldiers serving in Iraq came up with an answer to Kerry via a hilarious photo currently posted at Drudge, Michelle Malkin and Kesher Talk, among others. God bless our troops and their sense of humor!

If one is looking for further chuckles, check out the collection of silly Kerry pics on this Free Republic thread. From Lurch to bunny suits to silly walks, Kerry's in fine form.

And speaking of funny photos, take a look at 911 Neocon and blogger Jeremayakovka's decidely politically incorrect Halloween costume. Homeless/terrorist chic has never looked so good!

Something tells me his "fatwa-worthy" costume must have dropped a few jaws in San Francisco last night...

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Blogger diurnalist said...

The MSM are doing a great job of explaining Kerry's "botched joke" as they try to make this story go away.

That's just how they were during the Trent Lott drama too. /sarc

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 3:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from some top congressional leaders and others;

1. "He can apologize all he wants. It doesn't remove the sentiment that escaped his mouth that day... And I find it something that is unacceptable... I don't know if any apology is adequate." (Nancy Pelosi, D. Ca.)

2. “My guess is that the uneasiness many .. are feeling … will become more pronounced... If [he] acts in the best interest of our country and the party, [he will step aside]." (Al Gore, D.)

3. "That's what's wrong with our party: Before we come out with our positions, we have to wait and see what the other party is doing. " (Donna Brazile, executive director of the Democratic National Committee's Voting Rights Institute.)

4. “[He needs to] "come forward with a fuller explanation and apology.” (Tom Daschle D. S.D.)

5. “There was nothing credible in what he said last night. The best I can guess is that he is just trying to say whatever he thinks could help his cause.” (Chaka Fattah D.PA).

6. "The more people find out about his overall record, the more they will continue to speak out. This was not an aberration. Throughout his career, he has clearly demonstrated an insensitivity and hostility to [our military].” (Ralph Neas, president People for the American Way).

7. "'Well, that was a dumb thing to say but we all say dumb things sometimes.' But it doesn't look like this was off the cuff when you realize he's said things like that before ... This wasn't a case of a guy tossing off a few beers." (Morris P. Fiorina, a senior fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution at Stanford University)

8. "If they believe he's become a major electoral liability, he'll be thrown out ... Without looking at all the data, my guess is that he has become a liability, and they'll have to get rid of him in the next year or so."(Bruce Cain, a political analyst at the University of California at Berkeley)

Before we get too smug in how they are reacting to this, it is all comments made, not about John 'F'in Kerry placing his foot back in his mouth, but were made about Trent Lott's comment towards Strom Thurmond in 2002 for his 100th Birthday!

Nothing but silence from them all today.

Most interesting is the next one;

“It saddens me greatly to suggest this, but in the interests of the Senate, his party, and the nation, I believe he should step aside…," (John Kerry, D. Ma.)

Kerry Should Resign

Thursday, November 02, 2006 11:34:00 PM  

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