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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deb Saunders Takes On San Francisco's Intolerance

Deb Saunders, my sole conservative colleague at the San Francisco Chronicle (sort of, I write for, has written a fine piece on the Pete Wilson kerfuffle and San Francisco's special brand of liberal (and in this case, gay) intolerance. As she puts it:

SAN FRANCISCANS may think of their town as a haven for tolerance, but once again, S.F. supervisors are showing the rest of America how intolerant The Special City can be. Forget a flower in your hair. If you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear a muzzle on your brain.

{snip} this case, gays and S.F. supes are in power -- and they're trying to get a man fired for expressing views they don't like. They clearly don't appreciate the beauty of free speech: When you don't like what someone says, you talk back. You don't silence dissenters, unless you are afraid of what they say.

As I suggested in my own post on the matter, these so-called liberals are acting a lot like the perpetually outraged Muslim masses that have been demanding the Pope's head, literally.

What's next, burning Wilson in effigy?

Update: It should be noted that not all of San Francisco's gay residents agree with the Board of Supervisors', and particularly gay supe Tom Ammiano's, actions. A reader on my mailing list expressed the following sentiments in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle:

I've lived in San Francisco now for 25 of my 50 years, and have seen the LGBT community grow ever increasingly intolerant of many individuals and segments of society, and/or of their opinions. (Yes, I'm gay, too.) And for Wilson to be in favor of same-sex marriage? Excuse me! It makes one wonder who the real liberals are.



Blogger diurnalist said...

The Left are naturally totalitarian. Once they've decided that certain words and phrases are "bad" the road is clear to destroy the person who dares to utter incorrect words.

Check out Huffington Post for the most vicious, scatalogical fascists you'll ever encounter.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 12:05:00 PM  

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