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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'America With Jorge Ramos' Crosses the Political Divide

Others may recall that Spanish-language TV station Univision co-hosts Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos provided one of the only challenging interviews with Obama on Fast & Furious and other controversial topics in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential election. Now Jorge Ramos has his own show, "America With Jorge Ramos," on the new Disney/Univision-owned TV channel Fusion, and hard-hitting interviews regardless of political party, coverage of Latin-American news you won't see elsewhere, and, most importantly, a cross-section of political opinion are its strengths.

The latter is on display in this interview with anti-illegal immigration activists Roy Beck, Mark Krikorian, and D.A King, none of whom I can recall seeing on Fox News Channel--forget MSNBC, CNN, and company--with any regularity.

Even though Fusion comes across as a channel for "hip young liberals" and Ramos's show leans in that direction, particularly on immigration issues (there's many a sob story about "undocumented immigrants" and he seems to be for amnesty), I have to give them points for providing a platform for political opponents instead of the usual demonization from afar.

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