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Thursday, November 13, 2014

'Cops and Robbers': Thought-Provoking Theater

I was blown away by the thought-provoking one-man show "Cops and Robbers" when I saw it at the Marsh in Berkeley last month, and I'm glad to see that its run has been extended:
Cops and Robbers is a revolutionary look into the dysfunctional relationship between law enforcement, the media, and the Black community. Centered on an officer involved shooting, writer/performer Jinho "The Piper" Ferreira takes the viewer on an emotionally charged ride with unexpected twists and turns. The Piper seamlessly travels through 17 characters, each with their own convictions, logic, and prejudices. Cops and Robbers takes no prisoners as it challenges the viewer to question all preconceived notions of "right" and "wrong."
In the wake of events in Ferguson, the subject matter took on an added relevance, especially for those seeking something beyond simplistic rhetoric. The story line is not identical to the headlines and the performer, Jinho Ferreira---having inhabited all sides of this issue, from Oakland rapper to police officer---provides no easy answers. He's also an equal opportunity offender and no group escapes his cross-hairs, in addition to some truly shocking and uncomfortable moments that aren't for the squeamish.

Go and see it before the show closes on November 30.


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