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Monday, March 24, 2014

Law & Order SVU Whitewashes Honor Killings

[Spoiler Alert] Last week's episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit, "Criminal Stories," dealt with a hate crime allegation from a Muslim woman against two anonymous "white men" who, she initially claimed, tore off her hijab, raped her, and used ethnic slurs, including calling her a "Muslim bitch." When the "hate crime" turned out to be a hoax--as so many of them, across all groups, in reality do--I was pleasantly surprised to see that fact acknowledged on network television. But the show's writers soon fell into the usual confusion and political-correctness related to issues involving Islam.

It turns out the woman was raped by two white men (in an extremely unlikely scenario) she was socializing with, but lied about it so as not to bring "shame" upon her family, not because, as would be the case in reality, she was afraid her family could murder her to purge themselves of that "shame." Despite repeated references to her threatened "honor" by an Al Sharpton-like activist/priest character (rather than an imam) speaking to the media, the threat of an honor killing at the hands of her own family never arose. And the fact that she lied about the hate crime, while brought up by the defendants' attorney, didn't much seem to bother the detectives investigating her case, despite the divisiveness and distrust that, in the real world, has resulted.

All that combined with Alec Baldwin playing a reporter for a New York Post-style publication prone to quasi-conservative obnoxious comments (calling the victim a "Tawanabee") who, nonetheless, eventually sees the light and does the right thing, combined to make for what I once dubbed "Mustn't See Liberal TV."


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