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Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Open Letter to Alice Walker and Her Fellow Flotilla Travelers

Richard L. Cravatts, director of the Communications Management Program at Simmons College, writing for RightSideNews:
. . . Your own obsession with the human rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people, and your comment that you seek “justice and respect” for Palestinian children alone, indicates that you and your fellow flotilla activists have already decided which children are deserving and which are not. True justice would be justice for Israelis and Palestinians alike, each with sovereign nations living “side by side in peace,” but that is not your concern at all. Your evident contempt for Israel’s right to self-determination, or even its right to protect the lives of its citizens— the purpose of the blockade you so cavalierly and recklessly intend to violate—demonstrates quite clearly that the safety and human rights of Jews are irrelevant to your world view in which the only individuals deserving of justice are those who you and other “progressives” define as victims, including your favorite Third World victim of the moment, the Palestinians.
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