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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Case Western's Alice Bach Smears Campus Watch, Claims Victimhood

The latest from Winfield Myers at the Campus Watch Blog:
In "Whose Land Is It Anyway," a self-congratulatory, error-ridden Huffington Post essay from November 29, Alice Bach, who teaches religious studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, mischaracterizes Campus Watch, attributes a false quote to it, and presents herself as a stalwart defender of truth victimized by evil conspirators.

Bach is terribly upset by claims that new rules pertaining to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act could prohibit institutions from receiving federal funds should they be found guilty of countenancing anti-Semitism. Such institutions are already subject to rules which forbid discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. But while Bach doesn't seem disturbed by those strictures, the possibility that federal tax dollars may be withheld in the case of anti-Semitism is enough to cause her to bleed almost 1,800 words of purple prose.

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