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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Illogic of Campus Watch's Critics

My latest at the Campus Watch blog:

Teaching Middle Eastern Affairs is certainly more problematic than other regions. Due to the geopolitical realities of the ME, it is more politicized as an academic subject than any other region. As a result, academics dealing with the Middle East have the tendency to espouse political views that might affect both what topics will be covered and how. Subsequently, the study of the Middle East suffers from high levels of politicization and the academic content subordinating political views or ideologies.

Who wrote the above passage?

1) Campus Watch

2) A Campus Watch basher

Based on Campus Watch (CW)'s long record of combating the politicization of Middle East studies, number one would seem to be answer. But it turns out that the above statement, with which, incidentally, CW agrees entirely, was penned by a blogger who accuses us—get this—of politicizing Middle East studies!

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