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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Arab-Israeli Conflict Plays Out in the West

Israel's long overdue military response to the daily barrage of Gaza rockets aimed at its citizens has led to the usual round of protest/counter-protest confrontations in the West. Whether it's here in the San Francisco Bay Area or across the United States and Europe, Arab protesters and those on the left who have bought into their false victimhood narrative are enraged. They have directed their hatred and vitriol towards the few pro-Israel counter-protesters who have shown up to counter their monolithic message, and in some cases rioting and violence has ensued.

For the most part, the mainstream media continues to tell only one side of the story and unsurprisingly, it's not the pro-Israel one. (Click here to watch a CBS5 clip on the protest in San Francisco). For those who wish to know the real story, Atlas Shrugs has photos and reports from citizen journalists, the last bastion of truth.

The insanity of blaming a nation for defending its citizens after years of turning the other cheek in the face of a ruthless campaign of violence and in the larger picture, a fanatical and genocidal enemy, is self-evident. And yet it goes on.

Thus it has always been and unfortunately, will likely be. Israel and her defenders must remain firm against a world (with the notable exception of the U.S., Australia and a few others) gone mad.

Update: Israel Matzav reports that "a Palestinian opened fire on a group of Israelis in a supermarket just outside of Copenhagen." There's more at Israel National News.

Update II: Check out Phyllis Chesler's "Gaza Comes to America. Hate Demonstrations Against Israel on the East and West Coasts" at Pajamas Media.

Update III: Past and future congressional candidate and retired Army Ltc. Allen West (who I interviewed in 2007) can be seen among the pro-Israel crowd in Atlas Shrugs' post on "Floridastan," and also here.

Update IV: Richard Landes reports on the latest Pallywood productions over at Augean Stables. He also notes that Hamas is victimizing its own people by not availing itself of Egyptian ambulances, probably for propaganda purposes, just like the fake blackouts and manufactured humanitarian crises.

On a similar note, Palestinian Media Watch has been circulating a video of a Palestinian girl who lost family members in Israeli air strikes blaming the true cause of the violence: Hamas.

And let's not forget the ongoing murder of alleged Gaza "collaborators."