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Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin Derangement Syndrome 2: Attack of the Hatemail

As much as we like to think otherwise, human behavior is fairly predictable, and sometimes ironically so. Muslims reacting to depictions of violence within the Muslim world (during the Danish cartoon controversy) with, well, violence, comes to mind.

This time around, it's been Obama supporters responding to my SFGate column on Palin Derangement Syndrome with, well, Palin Derangement Syndrome.

The avalanche of e-mails I received (not to mention the 913 comments at SFGate) was evidence of the collective nervous breakdown that has met Sarah Palin's arrival on the political scene. It was all there: the condescension, elitism, sexism, paranoia, personal attacks, and irrational hatred.

As a female conservative, I got a taste of the onslaught Palin has endured. And as with Palin, all sorts of false and ridiculous assumptions come with the territory. But as a certain Southern gentleman I know puts it, "A hit dog will holler. "

Other readers confirmed the backlash I suspected was brewing among Democrats and independents, all disgusted with the campaign of personal destruction Obama's supporters (including the obsessed media) have been heaping on Palin. To hear many of them tell it, particularly self-described Hillary Democrats (or PUMAS), the McCain/Palin ticket will be getting their votes.

Obama supporters continue to insist otherwise, but this may be a case of wishful-thinking. So too the flurry of bogus polls (read more here and here) in the MSM showing an Obama lead in recent weeks. And the predictions of Palin's failure in last night's vice-presidential debate never did pan out. When a movement starts believing its own hype, unpleasant surprises tend to come with the territory.

As for the ongoing scourge of PDS, I tried to warn Obama supporters about the consequences, but would they listen? Not if their hatemail was any indication. I've posted the worst of the worst at the Hatemail page of my website (which had already provided fodder for a "Best of..." column), and I include them below for your reading, er, pleasure. Names have been omitted and the messages are edited for length and profanity, but I left the spelling and punctuation intact. And be warned: rough waters lay ahead...


...Sarah Palin is a hypocrite and a liar. Like McCain and his swift-boat campaign crew, you will tell any tale to keep the elitist Republican “greedies” in office. Just because she is a woman, you support her. It can’t be her resume…it’s too doggone thin. Republicans’ hail-Mary answer to a John McCain candidacy (old – last century politics) is to find a right-wing skirt to solidify a base that was thinking he isn’t the one. Go away.


Do not try to suggest that Obama is suffering from some syndrome. He realize that he has to treat her with kid gloves or white America will say that an angry black man attacking a white woman. D’ont B.S. tell it like it is if you have the guts. Plain is getting a free pass you know it and I know it.


i think sarah palin is a redneck beeotch!!!! :)


Please look in a mirror, my dear. Do you have ONE person of color as a friend? (Ask the person you're thinking of, if there is one, not yourself -- you may delude yourself into thinking s/he's a friend, but it's not likely.) Your crap about who the "real America" is, well, that's basically KKK codespeak for "people of color don't count, they're not real Americans." Most people in this country live in cities, not in the Appalachian woods you and your ilk hold dear. Face it, baby, it won't be long before the country is less than half-white and you're a forgotten memory. THAT future looks bright.


...people do not hate Palin because she is a bad mother or trailer trash...the woman is odetested not for her personal shortcomings but for the fact that she offers nothing to free-thinking, 21st century Americans.


Sarah Palin can have all the babies she wants, but she cannot force anybody to have theirs, specially if it's a rape or incest victim.


...I would bet you that whether or not McCain/Palin wins, Palin's daughter Bristol will not be married to her boyfriend in a couple years---if they even get married at all. I am also 99% sure that Bristol would never marry her boyfriend, and would probably have an abortion, if her mom weren't running for V.P. Before Palin was nominated, her boyfriend stated publicly on his webpage that he did not want to get married anytime soon.

That whole "good kids made a mistake, but they're getting married" thing is a big PR stunt. They should have used a condom.

I feel sorry for the boy, being summoned to the Republican convention so he could be trotted out as part of the "family"; and for Palin's daughter, a young woman who is being manipulated in view of the whole nation for the sake of her mom's political campaign.


...Palin is a bad mother, an unwed pregnant teenage daughter (a clear sign of bad parenting) who may have given birth to the Down Syndrome baby as well...and who has been an underage drinker too. Her eldest son was called the "Bad Boy of Wasilla" and was known to be addicted to Oxycontin for 2 years and was only shipped off to the military as a way to make him a man. Sounds like a wonderful mother.

Her academic credentials are pathetic. She had to go to 4 terrible schools before getting her Communications degree, then she spent 15 years as a housewife (her 2004 political contributions list occupation as "housewife") and part-owner of a laundromat.

...Palin is even less qualified than Bush...and that should be a justification for our hatred of her being picked.

I didn't think someone like you could work for a paper in San is it possible that someone so out of touch with reality could be a writer for the most important paper in an intellectual haven like SF?

I'm ashamed for you and sad that someone like you has taken a reporter's job away from someone who is actually qualified to write about politics.


Hilarious article! I'd love to get some of what you're smoking. My wife is a member of the PTA and has 3 kids. She's thinking of running for president...that's what this country is coming to. Keep writing and keep smoking that ganja. You are too funny!


Are you high? People are just now finding out the Palin is a joke/gimmick. If you truly believe the pabulum in which you spew then it is you who is suffering a deraignment syndrome.


Good heavens, if you really believe the Palin selection stands any chance whatsoever of drawing Clinton supporters to McCain in any significant numbers, you are truly out of touch. I'm guessing you are very young. It's the only explanation I can think of for such a preposterous analysis.


apparently you are not too bright,,this election is over..already...people say they will vote for obama to phone pollsters,,,but in those moments before they vote in the booth,,they will think,,,and a landslida for McCain is in the offing..geez you're stupid...or brainwashed...thanks for the fool..


You should have stuck with practical gardening and stayed out of vicious politics. You're like a rattle snake in the terrain of journalism trying to survive among other desperate journalistic creatures.

When your portfolio folds and you start feeling the results of a Bush 8 year tenure, you'll be in the same boat with all of us. Then what will you do to keep up the facade traitor.

If you don't understand why people hated Hitler, you can't understand why people hate Bush in our country who sold America out to the New World Order as his father proclaimed would happen in his 1991 speech.

You're pathetic and really need a new profession of some value and worth to our communities. Little ole lady with a gardening column would have made you much more valuable and contributory to our community.


In your article, you overlook a major historical fact: That extremists (religious or secular) can lead people towards fascism. The conditions in America as ripe for this movement that was promoted by Pat Robertson 25 years ago and advanced by George Bush and the neo-cons. Sarah Palin is the perfect leader to advance this movement further. Please read up on the history and characteristics of fascism.


...I did have an opportunity to watch a video of the speech she made at her church. Charlie [Gibson] took her statements out of context. However even within context, I could hear the faint echoes of the battle hymn of the republic. History has demonstrated over and over again that God and WAR are a toxic mixture.


I'd vote for you over her because I bet you have had a passport for a number of years and have greater Foreign Policy insight than the beauty queen who's not even sure she wants Alaska to be part of this country.

...I noticed that you are a self-described "9-11" Republican whose core values suddenly shifted conveniently from left to right and you got a job spousing your new point of view in a liberal town. So a little unsolicited advice. I realize that attractive conservative women willing to say outlandish right wing claims ( e.g. Ann Coulter) are a growth industry and I don't fault your career choice in order to pay the bills. But as you become a shill for the Republican party, I hope you maintain a bit of integrity and self pride. Saying things like "Despite her impressive resume..." is not a way to avoid the bimbo writer label.

...Face it, Sarah Palin is window dressing on a Republican Platform that is across the board anti-woman. If women are to be taken seriously in their accomplishments and abilities, including you as a writer, you can't support this transparent tokenism.

*** need to separate your sense that criticisms of Palin amount to an attack on women, from the fact that Palin's lack of experience in most of the areas required of a vice president, and her close-mindedness in many important areas ---- her "qualifications" are not suited to a job where she would help lead a nation of more than 300 million people of all races and religious beliefs and income levels.

Feminism--if you think anything about Palin relates to basic feminist ideas, you need to do some homework. Sexism---no man with her (lack of) qualifications would ever be nominated for V.P. He would be laughed out of the country.


Silliness: As you claim bias, I must admit that article is one of the most biased and blind to the facts article I have ever read. Since she’s a woman, and on that basis alone, she gets your nod. Although it probably has more to do your own personal projection if sexism aimed at you in your life. You pay no attention to the views and the details. Another media attack. Like George bush and sarah palin is what this coutry needs. Have you had blinders on for years now? It’s amazing how when sexism become the issue, all others go away. The republicans dirty tricks are working for you, PUMA.


You want to eat her p**sy, don't you?


The morning after pill, which causes the same effect as a fertilized egg not embedding in the uterine wall when carried away by menstruation. Do you morn your tampon each month cinnamon?

Because otherwise, the "Feminist" Governor Palin charged women for their rape evidence kits because she didn't want to publicly fund "abortion".

You and Governor Palin keep fighting for the American Taliban that has Jews for Jesus saying God sends terrorists to Israel, and supports Eric Rudolph and the other asorted abortion clinic terrorists.


Feminist my ass.


Your name, Cinnamon, is a joke too, right? I almost named a pet rabbit cinnamon but thought it too cutesy. Seriously, your column is so beneath regular political discourse, I don't know where to begin. I have every right to oppose a woman like her and her policies and so does anyone else and not have it labeled a syndrome. It appears that any statesman or woman who cannot stand up to scrutiny need to be protected by made-up diagnosis from "jounalists" like you. Good Luck Cinnamon!


Wow Lady, Not only are you so far off the mark regarding Obama, you're pretty f***in' ugly too. You and Charles Krauthammer should go screw yourselves!!!!


Ever heard of the Cinnamon Derangement Syndrome? Me either, until I read your IRRATIONAL article. What planet do you live on? But then you do look a bit like her... kinda pitbullish, with lipstick. MOVE TO ALASKA you pathetic, ugly excuse for a women.


My GOD you are an idiot.


The Republican Party has virtually destroyed the USA economy, here and internationally, and has done jack-sh*t for Americans, and you still support it? You are about as stupid as they come.


Yes, Cinnie, we've dropped a looong way. America has finally become the trailer trash that republicans used to arrogantly tilt their noses up at. If republicans endorse lack of integrity and character value, why not decree this the "american way". What a horrible excuse for being failures.


Comment on Sarah Palin from a citizen of the world:

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are watching the U.S. Election. Anyone who doesn't like a (1) candidate who enjoys shooting animals, (2) candidate who will make foreign policy decisions from a stand point of supposed God given wrath, (3) who has done almost no travel internationally and is exceedingly parochial, is very worried that such a narrow minded idiot may be in a position to control the strongest nation militarily and the largest economy in the world.

I have been viewing International politics for 30+ years and I have never seen a more dangerous candidatefor the U.S. Vice Presidency ( and therefore a potential President). It is literally horrifying.


...I don’t know anyone like Palin, thank goodness. Believes in creationism? Against a woman’s right to chose? Misrepresents, exaggerates, uses cronyism in leadership. You have to be kidding.

There are people like her, but certainly not a majority. More power to them.

But please don’t make me suffer through another administration with one.

Thank goodness that’s not going to happen. Someone intelligent, thoughtful will be leading us again.
You can suffer through the kind of person I want for a change.


Live simply.

Love generously.

Care deeply.

Speak kindly. HATE REPUKES

Sin (the very existence of a neo-con is indeed that):

As a Vietnam vet, retired member of the US Army and proud father and father-in-law of members of the USAF, I just want to say that your fascist rant has just prompted me to send even more $ to Obama's well-filled coffers. Your Nazi slut's approval ratings are dropping daily, baby. I am pumped up with energy and, yes, hate, for Repukes, and there are millions more like me that are going to send you back to your Munich beer hall.

I sh*t on your stinking soul.


...Frustrated intense reaction is not negative if it is the only way to be heard over the deafening silence.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ingrid Mattson and the "U.S. Muslim Engagement Project"

My latest at the Campus Watch blog:
Ingrid Mattson, director of the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary and president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), has been all over the news lately.

Mattson was one of the speakers at an interfaith gathering at the Democratic National Convention in August, and now word comes that she's a member of the "leadership group" for the U.S. Muslim Engagement Project. The latter consists of a bipartisan coalition of American leaders from a variety of backgrounds, which, as described at its website, seeks to form "a clear and strong consensus on a strategy to enhance U.S. and international security by working more intensively and directly on the underlying causes of tension with key Muslim countries and communities."

While this would appear to be a laudable goal, Mattson's background and viewpoints demonstrates that she is hardly a suitable candidate for involvement.
Continue reading "Ingrid Mattson and the 'U.S. Muslim Engagement Project'"