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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sharia Law: Coming to a Western Nation Near You?

The advent of Sharia (Islamic) law in the West is of major concern these days, especially in the wake of the news that it has been officially adopted in Britain. If Sharia law can be implemented in the UK, then why not in Europe or the U.S.?

My latest Campus Watch column, which is posted at Frontpage Magazine, examines the efforts of certain high profile players in the field of Middle East studies to make Sharia law more palatable to Western sensibilities. For what purpose? You decide.
Georgetown University's Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) will be hosting a conference on October 23 that asks the loaded question: "Is There a Role for Shari'ah in Modern States?"

The Saudi-funded ACMCU and its founding director, John Esposito, one of the foremost apologists for radical Islam in the academic field of Middle East studies, have certainly been doing their bit to make the idea more palatable.

The Saudi prince for whom ACMCU was named has been pumping millions of dollars into Middle East studies at Georgetown, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and beyond, and as the case of Esposito demonstrates, it magnifies the voices of scholars with a decidedly uncritical bent. As a result, ACMCU analysis regarding Sharia (or Islamic) law tends to focus not on its injustices (amputation, stoning, hanging, honor killing, punishment for blasphemy, execution of apostates, persecution of non-Muslims, sanctioned wife-beating, female genital mutilation, and so on), but rather on repackaging it in ways that will appeal to Western sensibilities. The concept of a more "moderate" version of Sharia law that is compatible with democracy is at the forefront of this effort.

While it's difficult to predict exactly what will take place at the upcoming ACMCU conference, the fact that Esposito will present the opening remarks provides considerable insight into the politics of the event.
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Update: Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo (a voice in the wilderness on this issue and others) has introduced the Jihad Prevention Act, which focuses specifically on stopping the spread of Sharia law in the U.S. Kathy Shaidle reports.