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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Victims on Parade at NYU "Academic Freedom" Conference

Exit Zero blogger Mary Madigan attended an NYU conference on "academic freedom" (i.e. paranoid professors who equate outside criticism with censorship) last week and she wrote about the experience for Campus Watch. Her funny and informative article, "Victims on Parade at NYU 'Academic Freedom' Conference," is posted today at Frontpage Magazine. It begins like so:
The poster advertising New York University's "Academic Freedom in the Age of Permanent Warfare" conference featured a scolding Statue of Liberty pointing an accusatory finger and stating: "YOU! Stop Asking Questions. You're Either With US or You're With the TERRORISTS!"

The speakers and attendees gathered around the pastry-laden table at NYU's new Frederic Ewen Academic Freedom Center last week didn't appear to be oppressed or under attack. But once they wiped the sugar from their mouths and stood up to speak, they assured the audience that they were, in fact, victims in an "age of permanent warfare."
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Zombie Report: Obama Visits San Francisco's Billionaire Row

The inimitable Zombie captures the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign with a photo report on the messiah, er, presidential candidate's recent visit to San Francisco: "Obama Visits Billionaires Row." It seems the Patron Saint of San Francisco only saw fit to visit his more generous benefactors while touring the city by the bay.

But don't expect this to affect the Obamabots, who are, clearly, marching to the beat of their own drum. Nothing to see here, folks...

Update (4/13): Ironically, it turns out this was the event (the fundraiser at the Getty mansion) where Obama made what are commonly being described as condescending and elitist comments about "bitter small town Americans." Given that San Francisco is the epicenter of urban snobbery towards "flyover country" (i.e. everything between here and Manhattan), Obama knew his audience. Zombie has the video here, and Hot Air offers up both the clip and Newt Gingrich's commentary.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Why Won't "60 Minutes" Interview Stephen Hayes?

My letter to "60 Minutes":
Since "60 Minutes" appears to be interested in reviewing information about the reasons for going to war in Iraq, perhaps the show should consider having author and journalist Stephen Hayes on as a guest. Hayes has written a book, The Connection, documenting Saddam Hussein's terrorist ties in great detail, as well as writing extensively on the topic for the Weekly Standard.

Yet, for some reason, "60 Minutes" only presents guests such as last night's (4/6/08) Douglas Feith, who add little to nothing to the discussion. Indeed, I suspect Feith's interview was not intended to inform the public on this very important topic at all, but, rather, to reinforce already existing anti-war opinions on the matter. If "60 Minutes" is really interested in exploring the truth of the matter, Stephen Hayes would be a great start.


Cinnamon Stillwell