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I’m the West Coast representative for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. I was a political columnist for (San Francisco Chronicle online) from 2004-2008. I've written for the Algemeiner, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, Independent Journal Review, American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, Jihad Watch, Family Security Matters, Accuracy In Media, Newsbusters, Israel National News, Jewish Press, J-The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, and many others.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Annual Campus Watch Corrections Update

Campus Watch has been keeping very busy the past year issuing corrections to the numerous smears and false allegations made against us. From incorrect attributions to paranoid conspiracy theories regarding the "Israel lobby," Neocon cabals, and the like, the fun never ends!

Excerpts and links to our 2008 "Setting The Record Straight" entries are posted at the Campus Watch blog. Click here to access all corrections to date.


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