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Friday, August 08, 2008

'Popular Palestinian Conference' Peddles Propaganda

My latest Campus Watch column - posted today at Frontpage Magazine - makes some predictions about a conference taking place this weekend featuring several Middle East studies academics. As usual, a skewed and inaccurate take on the Arab-Israeli conflict looks likely to come with the territory:
This weekend, the "Popular Palestinian Conference 2008" will be held in Chicago, and if past is prologue, a slew of anti-Israel propaganda will be part of the repertoire. The organizers make no effort to conceal their nefarious intentions, titling one of the workshops [emphasis added], "Inserting Palestine into High School Curricula in the US & Empowering Students to Challenge Dominant Narratives" and subtitling the conference, "Palestinians in the US: Reclaiming Our Voice, Asserting Our Narrative." Unfortunately, this "narrative" is a false one in which Israel is the oppressor, the Palestinians its perpetual victims, and the United States an accomplice in crime.

Various Middle East studies academics will be on hand to help propagate this fictitious narrative....
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Blogger Julia Riber Pitt said...

I think it's good that students hear both sides to an argument. The pro-Israel lobby pretty much has a hand on American universities (is Norman Finkelstein allowed to teach anymore? Read the article written by a professor at my school which is on my blog and you'll understand.) I went to high school in southern New Hampshire, which is full of Lebanese and has to be one of the most pro-Arab places in the country next to Anaheim, CA and all those places in Michigan. Even there we only got the Zionist version of what happened in the Middle East in the 1940's. Anyway, as long as the education isn't sloppy or irrational I see no problem with it at all. And if you're really afraid of your kids being "indoctrinated" by this stuff, well, you obviously haven't taught your kids enough about the conflict from your side for them to hold up your side of the argument.

Sunday, September 07, 2008 12:50:00 AM  

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