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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shawn Steel's "Battle With CAIR"

Yet another intended victim of CAIR's intimidation tactics speaks to Frontpage Magazine about his experiences. Former California Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel won a lawsuit initiated by CAIR over a National Review article he'd written in the wake of 9/11. As he puts it:
I’ve discovered that CAIR regularly uses our legal system to try to quash dissent. CAIR has sued David Frum [National Review], Congressman Ballenger, Andrew Whitehead [leader of Anti-CAIR] and others. I believe most of the lawsuits were dismissed.

...CAIR probably has more money and a larger staff than ever. But, CAIR’s reputation is badly damaged. Many writers and opinion leaders are aware of the CAIR masquerade. Even Sen. Barbara Boxer and other democrats have attacked CAIR’s tactics. I believe the CAIR leaders will soon realize that their brand is hopelessly ruined. I expect CAIR will evolve into another organization with a different brand but using the same tactics.
Read the entire interview here.

And read about CAIR's rebuttal to my own article on the subject here.

Update: John Perazzo has an article at Frontpage Magzine on the so-called Hate Hurts America Interfaith and Community Coalition (HHA) and its involvement with CAIR's attempted boycott of Michael Savage.


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