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Monday, January 28, 2008

Pallywood's Latest Attractions

As noted last week, the recent "blackout" in Gaza was, in fact, the result of a Hamas-manipulated publicity stunt that the Arab and Western media (with a few exceptions, most notably the Washington Post) played along with. Coverage of the border wall breach between Gaza and Egypt has followed the same predictable pattern.

Just like the Israel/Hezbollah War fauxtography affair and the ongoing Pallywood campaign, the media has become willing dupes for Islamic terrorists.

The following links shed further light on the matter:

Honest Reporting has a comprehensive round-up of related media monstrosities titled, "The Hamas Propaganda War," that's a must-read.

Check out the Solomonia posts, "Darkness at Noon -- MSM Plays Along with Hamas Photo Staging" and "Gaza's Borders and the BBC - A tale of two maps."

Sol also points to a Weekly Standard article by Scott Johnson of Powerline on the staged photo-op of Arafat supposedly giving blood in the wake of 9/11.

And speaking of Pallywood, the originator of the term, Richard Landes, has a new short film up at Second Draft on the Gaza Beach tragedy-turned-libel.

Meanwhile, the al-Durrah affair continues unabated.

With a wealth of evidence on the Internet pointing to media collusion in slandering Israel and, ultimately, undermining its continued existence (not to mention the MSM's anti-American shenanigans) one has to wonder when and if the charade will end. Will we ever reach a time when someone in the mainstream sphere finally notes that the media emperor is wearing no clothes?

In the meantime, through the looking glass we go...

Update: Martin Kramer demolishes a ludicrous Boston Globe op-ed by Harvard Middle East studies "senior research scholar" Sara Roy (who I wrote about for Campus Watch last year) and Eyad al-Sarraj, founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program (an oxymoron if there ever was one), alleging Gazan starvation at the cruel hands of Israel. As he notes, Gaza is, in fact, "buried in flour." My colleague Winfield Myers chimes in on the subject at Democracy Project.


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