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Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Fox & Friends" Appearance - November 4, 2007

This Sunday, November 4th, at approximately 8:15am (EST)/5:15am PST, I'll be interviewed on the Fox News Channel show, "Fox & Friends." We'll be discussing my SFGate column on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, my blog post on Paul Addis' attempted arson at Grace Cathedral, and the larger issue of anti-Christian sentiment in San Francisco and on the Left.

For those on the West Coast or anyone else who can't catch the show live, I believe they archive interviews afterwards at the FNC website. If so, I'll be posting a link to the archive both at my blog and website. So stay tuned.

Note: The interview time has been updated since this post first went up. It was moved forward an hour. The time listed currently is correct.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Lefty Hatemailer Promises Reeducation Camps for Conservatives

In a revealing, and nasty, example of the sort of hatemail conservative columnists like myself receive on a regular basis (further examples here and here), I thought I'd share the following missive. It seems that "liberal" tolerance, diversity, and protection of free speech stops at the ideological border, and those of us unlucky enough to fall on the other side had better start packing for the reeducation camps. Something tells me this guy has a future as a speechwriter for the Democrat Party...
I hope you rot with your friends Bush and Cheney. Get out of San Francisco you do not belong here you fascist. Your "conservative"voice will hopefully be classified as hate speech in a new America that will be ushered in with a Democratic president and veto proof Democrat congress in 2008. They will appoint the judges to the supreme court that will redefine free speech. Your time is coming. Free speech will remain protected but conservative positions such as your amount to hate speech that WILL BE OUTLAWED. I hope to help ensure you end up in jail to be reeducated with your friends Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Leave San Francisco now or you will be rounded up with your filthy hater conservative friends. Go to hell monster.
Can't you just feel the love?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Anti-Christian Sentiment in San Francisco Leads to Violence, Liberals Shrug

Fresh on the heels of my SFGate column on San Francisco's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their juvenile and disrespectful publicity stunt involving receiving Communion in full drag at Most Holy Redeemer Parish comes word of local anti-Christian sentiment taken to the highest degree.

It seems that San Francisco "performance artist" Paul Addis (formerly known as the arsonist who couldn't wait to torch the Burning Man festival's large wooden icon) decided to set his sights on San Francisco's historic Grace Cathedral. Addis was arrested last Sunday night on the steps of the cathedral wearing an explosives belt and, according to a tip from a caller who overheard him earlier, planning to burn down the Episcopal church.

While one might imagine this to be a story worthy of attention, media coverage of the incident, as well as local reaction, has been muted at best. The Associated Press provides very few details and The Examiner quotes Grace Cathedral spokesperson Brent Andrew describing Addis merely as a "disturbed individual." Similarly, Burning Man spokesperson Josh Camire chalked up Addis' attempted firebombing to a "cry for help."

Imagine for a moment if the situation were altered and Addis had attempted to burn down or blow up a mosque. (I won't say a synagogue or other Jewish structures because that doesn't seem to engender much outrage these days either). Were Islam to be the targeted religion, does anyone think for a moment that the "hate crime" label would not be affixed?

Taking the hypocrisy a step further, the Seattle Post Intelligencer's Dorothy Parvaz, opining on the matter, wonders, apparently in all seriousness, whether Addis should be labeled an "arsonist or a performance artist?" Parvaz then goes on to express sympathy with Addis' presumed view that the church is "an oppressive institution," but disapproves of the possible destruction his "little stunt" might have wrought on surrounding property and those unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. She then concludes with the following helpful advice:
Perhaps he should have settled for painting a picture of a burning church rather than trying to destroy an actual historic landmark. That wouldn't be performance art, I guess (unless he created the painting in public or something), but at least it wouldn't be a felony.
It appears that for Parvaz, the desire to burn down a church is understandable, just as long as one doesn't get caught in the process or inflict too much collateral damage. Such is the mindset on the left these days, whereby Christianity is fair game, but let hatred be expressed towards any other religion and, suddenly, sensitivity training is in order.

In a Newsbusters blog post on the story, Warner Todd Houston adds further context to Parvaz' biases, which he's commented on before. Parvaz, who he notes is a columnist, blogger and member of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial board, once labeled Republican voters "white, male, middle-aged and slightly stupid."

Such condescension tends to go hand-in-hand with hostility towards Christianity among liberal elitists, many of whom I've had the displeasure of encountering here in San Francisco. And it's certainly possible that those inclined towards acts of violence are emboldened by the prejudicial atmosphere in this city.

After all, is it any coincidence that 18-year-old Mathew Hinz was arrested last week for attempting to burn down a convent in San Francisco's Portola District, in which six nuns were sleeping? Was that too an expression of "performance art" or can we call it arson this time?

As I put at SFGate:'s the antagonism expressed towards Christians by their critics that often veers dangerously close to hatred. In an earlier column, I noted a T-shirt worn by a salesclerk in a San Francisco gift shop that read, "So many right-wing Christians, so few lions." One can only imagine the reaction had another group been substituted for Christians. It seems that, for some, anti-Christian bigotry has become the last acceptable prejudice.

Mob Rule Continues on College Campuses

The hysteria that met David Horowitz and various campus speakers as part of last week's Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week was, unfortunately, all too common. College campuses, far from being a setting for the free exchange of ideas once imagined, have now been overtaken by leftist and Islamist student (and otherwise) groups bent on silencing all viewpoints that don't match their own. Hiding under the banner of moral superiority, these group's have adopted the fascistic tactics of Brown Shirts.

While much has been written at Frontpage Magazine and, to a lesser extent, college publications about last week's disruptions, the mainstream media continues to ignore the elephant in the room. And college administrators and parents are, largely, doing the same.

As long as this state of affairs, which I dubbed "mob rule on college campuses" in a column and follow-up blog post last year, is allowed to continue, expect it to get worse. It seems we have ceded the day to the bullies.

Racy Halloween Costumes Part of Pop Culture Degeneracy

Parents are aghast at the racy selection of Halloween costumes being sold to their pre-teen daughers, and understandably so. As laid out in a Washington Post article on the subject, this year's selections include:
...the Sexy Super Girl

...the Aqua Fairy, a vampy get-up with a black ripped-up skirt, black fishnet tights and blue bustier that comes in medium, large and preteen. A medium fits a child of 8.

...the Funky Punk Pirate Pre-Teen, with an off-the-shoulder blouse and bare midriff.

...the Fairy-Licious Purrrfect Kitty Pre-Teen, which, according to the package, includes a "pink and black dress with lace front bodice and sassy jagged skirt with tail.

...Major Flirt in army green, the bellybutton-baring Devilicious and a sassy, miniskirted French Maid, pink feather duster included.

...a Sexy Cop outfit.
And I couldn't help but notice a charming "Dominatrix" costume displayed up near the check-out counter at Marshalls last week, where kids waiting in line with their parents were sure to be tempted. It seems the pop culture degeneracy I noted earlier this year has come home to roost.

Happy Halloween kiddies!