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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Academic Activism on Display in Berkeley: Bazian, Zunes, and "Friends of Sabeel"

My latest Campus Watch blog post looks at the involvement of two California Middle East studies professors in an upcoming conference in Berkeley that, to put it mildly, hardly provides an unbiased perspective on the Middle East:

UC Berkeley Near Eastern studies lecturer Hatem Bazian and University of San Francisco (USF) politics and international studies professor Stephen Zunes are among the speakers at a Friends of Sabeel – North America regional conference taking place on August 24-45 at St. John's Presbyterian Church in Berkeley.

Friends of Sabeel – North America is a branch of Sabeel International, which claims to be "an international peace movement initiated by Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land." The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center may be based in Jerusalem, but there is nothing peaceful about the organization's propagandistic and one-sided approach to the Mideast conflict.

Sabeel's ultimate goal, as stated at its website, is a "bi-national state" in which Israel no longer exists as such. To this end, the group seeks to enlist the aid of Western Christians and others in the "interfaith community" in isolating Israel through boycotts and, ultimately, by ending U.S. support for, as they put it, its "illegal military occupation."

Tireless champions of any "cause" that implicates Israel and the United States in alleged wrongdoing, Bazian and Zunes should fit in perfectly at the Sabeel conference, which is titled, ironically, "Breaking Down the Wall of Silence: Voices We Need To Hear."

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blog-Fest-West Blogroll

The much anticipated (at least at this blog) Blog-Fest-West (BFW) took place in San Francisco last night and it was an unqualified success, if I do say so myself. Given that I was one of the organizers, along with fellow Pajamas Media folks Nina Yablok and Ed Driscoll, I'm not exactly an unbiased source. But if the stimulating conversation, happily noshing and imbibing guests, door prize (donated by Pajamas Media) winners, and the fact that we had to kick people out at the end of the night were any indication, it seems my enthusiasm is warranted.

Billed as "The Right Side of the Left Coast," the event was an opportunity for those with right-leaning politics here in California to enjoy some like minded company for a change. Even so, I'd have to say that it was a pretty eclectic crowd. No political litmus tests for us.

So, without further ado, here's a partial list of bloggers and other folks, in no particular order, who attended Blog-Fest-West:

Roger L. Simon
Neil Spolin
Mickey Kaus
Thomas Lifson (American Thinker)
Bookworm Room
Joanne Jacobs
And Rightly So!
Right on the Left Coast
San Fransanity
Dreams Into Lightning
Weakness With a Twist
Michael Phillips
Loretta Breuning
Buckhorn Road
Amicas Veritas
Debra Blackstone (webmaster for Jack Cashill)
Aaron Thies (Ad Delivery Solutions)
The View From The Turret
Cranky Greg's View
Awol Civilization
Roscoe's Blog
Susan & Mike
Dr. Zoo
Georgianne Fastaia (Bad Fish Studios)
Several members of the 910 Group Blog (The Center for Vigilant Freedom)
Several members of the 9/11Neocons
Member of the Liberal Hawks

And, of course, the humble hosts:

Nina Yablok
Ed Driscoll
Cinnamon Stillwell

This listing only includes those with related blogs and/or websites. In total, we had around 45 people. If there's anyone I missed or if I've gotten any of my information wrong, please let me know (comment here or write to: so I can update the post.

And stay tuned for Blog-Fest-West Pt. II...

Update: Darren at Right on the Left Coast blogs on BFW and Bay Area traffic. Thanks to all those who drove (and flew) in from far and wide!

Update (8/20): Read Chanman's account of BFW (and more traffic) at Buckhorn Road.

Update II: Friend and partner in neocon crime, Jeremayakovka, has a great post on BFW, including pics, appropriately titled, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Comes to San Francisco. And we made Asher's Morning Report at Dreams Into Lightning. Couldn't have done it without the help of both these fellas, not to mention the fabulous Georgianne!

Update (8/21): SanFransanity is Humbled By the Growing Intellectual Revolution Manifest at Blog-Fest-West (and notes that "Summer of Love" organizers are becoming aware of their irrelevance). BFW organizer Ed Driscoll chimes in with Saturday Night's All Right For Noshing. Pajamas Media links to this post and several others here.

Update (8/22): Gary Wolf over at Awol Civilization, an excellent blog I discovered via BFW, opines on his weekend in politically-correct San Francisco (including taking part in the politically-incorrect Blog-Fest-West).

Update (8/30): This is way after the fact, but I just discovered another BFW post, this time from Rex Mundi at The View From The Turret. And I have to agree, it was over too fast!