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I’m the West Coast representative for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. I was a political columnist for (San Francisco Chronicle online) from 2004-2008. I've written for the Algemeiner, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, Independent Journal Review, American Thinker, FrontPage Magazine, Jihad Watch, Family Security Matters, Accuracy In Media, Newsbusters, Israel National News, Jewish Press, J-The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, and many others.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Cinnamon Stillwell: N. CA Representative for Campus Watch

Having spent the last five years as a political columnist and more recently, a blogger, I've now decided to further my involvement in the battle of ideas. In particular, the one raging on American college campuses and most especially, Mideast studies. At this critical juncture in history, it's imperative that the next generation receive an accurate, unbiased education in this most crucial of subjects.

To that end, I'm happy to announce that starting April 1, I'll be the Northern California Representative for Campus Watch. Campus Watch is a program of the Middle East Forum, a think tank that aims to improve Middle East studies at North American universities through research and writing. Founded by Mideast scholar Daniel Pipes and based in Philadelphia, Campus Watch will be developing a presence on the West Coast and I'll be assisting those efforts.

As far as columns go, I'll be writing for Campus Watch and continuing to write for (once a month on a freelance basis) and Along with contributing to the Campus Watch blog, I plan on continuing to maintain my own blog.

The Middle East Forum press release regarding my appointment, and that of R. John Matthies as assistant director of Islamist Watch, is posted at the MEF website and appears below:
Appointments: R. John Matthies and Cinnamon Stillwell
March 22, 2007

Philadelphia – The Middle East Forum has appointed R. John Matthies to be assistant director of Islamist Watch and Cinnamon Stillwell to be Northern California representative of Campus Watch.

Mr. Matthies is currently assistant professor of French literature at Brigham Young University. He holds a Ph.D. in romance languages and literatures from the University of Washington (Seattle), where he has also taught, and has a special interest in Islam in France and French imperialism in North Africa. His linguistic expertise includes knowledge of Arabic and Hebrew.

Islamist Watch, a new project of the Middle East Forum, combats the ideas and institutions of nonviolent, radical Islam in the United States and other Western countries.

Ms Stillwell is a contributing political columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle online and a contributing editor to Her articles have appeared in many other publications, plus she maintains a weblog and writes for other internet sources. She has written about Yale for Campus Watch and about Duke, and UC Berkeley for other publications.

Campus Watch, a program of the Middle East Forum, aims to improve Middle East studies at North American universities through research and writing.

For immediate release

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cathy Seipp: Condolences from the Left Coast

***Cathy Seipp died earlier today (3/21). GM's Corner has a nice tribute to her. The official obit is here.

Word has it that journalist Cathy Seipp, who wrote the wonderful, weekly column "From the Left Coast" for National Review, as well as being a freelance contributor to a variety of well-known publications, is in the last stages of lung cancer. A post at her blog titled "Remembering Cathy" has elicited an outpouring of thoughts and prayers from fellow writers and readers alike. It's a good place to go and share your condolences.

Cathy has been a shining example for us Left Coast journalists and her voice will be sorely missed. But her words will live on.

Update: Amy Alkon, a good friend of Cathy's and a fellow L.A. journalist, has posted a moving tribute at her blog.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Zombie Captures San Francisco "Antiwar" Protesters in all their Glory

As expected, the streets of San Francisco were home to the usual bizarre assortment of "antiwar" protesters this past weekend. What that actually translated into were communists, pro-terrorists, Jew-haters, 9/11 conspiracists, acid-casualties from the 60s, brainwashed college students, a sea of bloody (literally) Palestinian flags, Che tattoos, lots of skin, and a few genuine, if confused, pacifists. And the America-hating "textbook" soon to be used in San Francisco public school classrooms, "Addicted to War," also made an appearance. As has been the pattern for the past few years, a group of brave counter-protesters showed up too.

The inimitable zombie parodies the lunacy of the local left with the usual revealing photos and clever commentary. Click here to venture down the rabbit hole...

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering of Eagles: 30,000 Patriots Hit D.C.

Reports are in and it appears the Gathering of Eagles (GOE) in Washington D.C. on March 17 was an unqualified success. Timed to coincide with International A.N.S.W.E.R.'s annual antiwar protest on the date of the start of the Iraq war, the Gathering of Eages consisted of a grassroots coalition of Vietnam veterans, military family members, conservative activists and just plain folks. All manner of patriots gathered in D.C. to protect the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial from vandals and express the opposition of the once "silent majority" to a repeat of the self-induced defeat of the Vietnam War.

Despite mainstream media efforts to downplay attendance or ignore the event altogether, blogosphere reports count 30,000 GOE participants vs. 5,000-10,000 antiwar protesters. This may mark the beginning of the end of mainstream America's complacency in the face of a vastly outnumbered but vocal (and overreported) antiwar movement whose platform spells disaster for the United States and Iraq.

Never again will America's brave warriors and their cause be abandoned and the people our country has pledged to liberate be left to perish at the hands of tyrants. Those days are most definitely over.

Update: Welcome, Michelle Malkin readers! My blog was linked to and this post quoted at Michelle's blog today. Her extensive coverage of the Gathering of Eagles and the incredibly moving Hot Air video report from the event itself are both must-sees.

Update II: Also got included in a Human Events "Rightometer: Gathering of Eagles" blogosphere round-up.