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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aussies, Brits and Frenchmen Who Love America!

Amidst all the media doom and gloom and the vitriolic commentary coming from the America-hating left, it's easy to forget that our nation is still a beacon of light to much of the world. With that in mind, a few examples of people from other nations showing such appreciation may be in order.

Via AFP (currently linked at Drudge) came this great photo from down under. It shows Australians expressing their appreciation not only for Vice-President Dick Cheney (in Sydney to meet with Prime Minister John Howard, who many of us Americans absolutely adore in return), but for America. As someone with a fair amount of Australian relatives, I just have to say, good on ya, mates!

Then there are our British fans. Brit Hume did a segment on Fox News this past week on the group 18 Doughty Street and their pro-American, conservative-leaning political outreach campaign. My favorite is the satirical advertisement "A World Without America," which demonstrates what a wonderful world (not!) it would be without the good old, U.S. of A.

And lest it be thought America is without its European appreciators, the Euro-American Liberty Institute, whose French founder Philippe Manteau I was privileged to meet last year (read about it here: "French Neocons? Mon Dieu!"), keeps chugging along. Most recently, Manteau gave a speech in Paris before over 1,000 members of the "French Resistance" (as he dubbs them) at the Presidential Congress of their political party, Alternative Liberale. Audience members included Alain Madelin, former Minister of Economy and Finance, who is known for his pro-American views. Anyone who speaks French (which, sadly, does not include me) can watch the speech here.

So buck up, America. Who loves you? All kinds of people!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Secular Islam Summit: The Next Islamic Enlightenment?

Having expressed the need for an Islamic reformation (or whatever its equivalent) on many occasions, I was pleased to hear about the Secular Islam Summit taking place this upcoming March 4-5 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The summit is in fact billed as the beginning of the "next Islamic Enlightenment" and according to the website:
Delegates from Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and elsewhere will address secularist interpretations of Islam, the need for Koranic
criticism, the state of freedom of the expression in Muslim societies, educational reform.
Speakers include many of the figures I've referenced in my columns, including Wafa Sultan, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Amir Taheri, Walid Phares and Irshad Manjii. The summit was announced by Manjii during a riveting one-hour special with CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, who's going to be covering the event.

On the optimistic side, I sincerely hope this will herald the beginning of a much-needed shift in thinking in the Islamic world. On the cynical side, I sincerely hope they have good security. Because, sadly, they're going to need it.

In any case, I'll certainly be tuning in and I hope others will do the same.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When Awards Becomes Politicized

My new column at SFGate:

When Awards Becomes Politicized

Covers the Oscars, Grammys, Nobel Peace Prize and the Pulitzer.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Countering Defeatism: Words of Courage From the Frontlines

Amidst the sickening display of defeatism that's been taking place in our nation's capital, it's refreshing to hear from a true warrior on the frontlines of the war on terrorism. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West - currently training Afghan troops in Kandahar for the Department of Defense - is one of them. Frontpage Magazine's 2003 "Man of the Year," LTC. West sets a courageous example our politicians would do well to emulate:

If you look into the eyes of the young men and women who are here - not just American, but British, Romanian, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Poles, and more - they are here as evidence that our civilization, our society and our way of life is worth defending.

Why should we take counsel from those who feel there is nothing worth sacrifice? As Teddy Roosevelt termed them, "those hapless souls who will never know victory nor defeat." They fear to enter the arena, yet will sit back and ridicule the warrior who provides them the safety and sanctity upon which they can offer their criticism.

This abject, vile filth called self-loathing is nothing more than the manifestation of internal insecurity and, actually, shame. Shame from those who cannot make a stand. Shame from those who have no honor. Shame from those who would rather prostrate and subjugate themselves before anything, just to preclude calling upon a simple character trait, courage.

Do I have fears? Hell yea. But do I take counsel of those fears? No. That is called courage.

I will not back down in the face of totalitarian, imperialistic, fascist Islamism or its 7th century jihadi henchmen.

I will not bow down to the false god of multiculturalism. I am proud of my American, and black, heritage.

I will not submit to inner insecurities based in self-loathing and hatred.

I will not base my life and my country upon being liked by nations that, if they examined themselves, are failing.

We are the most benevolent superpower ever known in history, and it is time we realized that respect far outweighs being liked. If we are such an immoral society, then why do we have an immigration issue?

My dad, my mom, my brother, myself, and now my nephew, have not taken up the shield, spear, and sword as warriors of this country for nothing. Ever since the Boston Massacre, Lexington/Concord, Bunker Hill and onwards, Americans have not wasted their lives. They have sacrificed with honor so that others could live free!

I will not live my life in shame as a coward and will show no respect to any person who does.

Al West, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Retired
Amen to that!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Nashville Cab Jihad

Here we go again:

Muslim cabbie tries to kill 2 students with stolen cab

Since the whole incident revolved around his religion, the article really couldn't avoid mentioning it. But that's Fox News. Wonder how the rest of the media will spin it?

Here's some possibilities:

Road rage.

The students were being "racist" and/or "Islamophobic" and by extension, deserved it.

Traumatic childhood.

Bipolar personality disorder.

Or the all-time favorite (drum-roll please)...

No motive known.

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