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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Utah Shooter a Bosnian Muslim

The question I posed yesterday about the Utah mall shooter has been answered and sure enough, he's a Bosnian Muslim.

About halfway down in a report from is this little factoid (hat tip Sweetness & Light by way of Atlas Shrugs):

A family friend, who didn't want to be identified, told us Talovic's upbringing may have played a role. He was a Muslim-Bosnian, born in war-torn Bosnia.
Another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Something tells me we'll never know. The Myth of the Lone Gunman persists...

Update: Robert Spencer on Salt Lake Jihad at

Update II: Salt Lake City Killer Update at Little Green Footballs.

Update III: Chuck Hustmyre has written an in-depth article on the Salt Lake shooter and his possible connection to the rash of crimes perpetrated by "lone (Muslim) gunmen" for Court TV's Crime Library.

Update IV: The Byzantine Sacred Art Blog has a series of posts on Talovic's Bosnian Muslim background (his father was a member of the mujahadeen army during the Bosnian war, and much more), as well as the mainstream media's revival of the Serbian aggression/Muslim victimhood narrative in its reporting on the Salt Lake City shooting.

Update V: Investor's Business Daily has an editorial on the Salt Lake shooting and Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where Are the Israelis?

Those of us who have written countless opeds and blog posts trying to push Israeli strength only to witness its continued weakness will find expression for their frustration in the words of Dr. Steve Carol:

...Where are the Israelis? Where are Israeli citizens out demonstrating en masse - tens of thousands in every city - banging pots and pans, shouting, "The government must go"? Where is a nationwide strike to force the government to step down? Where are the massive calls for reforms to be made, for a sound policy voiced, and for Israel to return to the image, status and power it had at the conclusion of the Six Day War?

Today, Israel projects not strength, but weakness to the entire world, and especially to its enemies. They, like sharks smelling the blood in the water, are circling ever closer for the kill.

Excuses of United States "pressure" on Israel have been made and will be made again. But Israel itself is doing the work of the Arabists in the US State Department. The US need not pressure Israel anymore when the Israeli government voluntarily takes the steps that will ensure the state's demise.
Read the whole thing.

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Utah Shooter: Religion of Peace?

Killer identified as 18-year-old Sulejmen Talovic

"Police have no motive in the killing."

Does that mean he's Muslim?