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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Positive Stories From Afghanistan

In the spirit of continuing to post items regarding Aghanistan that shed light on the complexity of the situation, rather than the MSM's steady diet of doom and gloom, I ran across two inspiring stories.

One is on the man they call the "Afghan Rambo" and how he prevented a suicide bombing at an American base in Kabul. Kim du Toit has the details.

Milblogger Captain Doug Traversa of Afghanistan Without a Clue provides a roundup of related links and elsewhere a rather touching story about Afghanistan's biggest new TV show, "Afghan Star." Kind of puts things in perspective.

These are the sort of stories that if regularly reported (and given front page status) by the MSM, would actually inspire the American public to want to fight the good fight. As it is, we are drowning in a sea of negativity and defeatism. I guess that's the point.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Want to Know What's Really Going on in Afghanistan? Listen to the Military, Not the Media

Much as they do with the so-called insurgency in Iraq, the mainstream media (MSM) is constantly telling us that the Taliban and al-Qaeda are "winning" in Afghanistan. To hear the MSM tell it, vastly outnumbered Taliban forces are about to push U.S. and NATO forces out of Aghanistan and take over the country again, all with the support of the people. That is, when they're not building schools and kissing babies. In other words, the MSM reports Taliban propaganda as if it were fact.

Thankfully, we have the men and women of the U.S. military itself to tell us what's really going on. My own source comes via "Daily Situation Reports" given by someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) serving in Afghanistan. His appraisal of the situation is quite different from that of the MSM, not to mention his straight-talking commentary on anti-war naysayers, flip-flopping politicians, Hollywood halfwits and media bias. And let's just say, he doesn't plan on losing anytime soon.

But I'll let his words speak for themselves. Two of his January reports are posted below (emphasis added):


Ladies and Gents, security report follows; as you can see, we have our regular report dissemination back. Couple of insights, starting to warm up here already so snow will soon melt and we will be back to fun and games again. However, there is a definitive difference going into the campaign season as opposed to last, no NATO/ISAF newbie transition.

There is a strong force assembling, unlike last year, and the combat multipliers such as Harriers and F-16s are in place. We may possibly get additional combat aircraft platforms. This is a critical year here and on 31 Jan we will get a new NATO/ISAF Commander, General Dan K McNeil. Gen McNeil was Asst Div Cdr at 2ID Korea, has Commanded the 82d Airborne Div and XVIIIth Airborne Corps. It is just a matter of our being proactive and executing a very sound operational plan, and yes, disrupting his actions cross border.

Just so you know, the Afghan official assassinated in Kabul was same Governor of Bamyan Province under the Taliban who oversaw the destruction of the Buddhist statues. Any great loss? Not in my book.

Much is changing in regards for the ANP training, perhaps we can see an overall improvement.

Lastly, will someone please tell our leftist peace lovers, opportunist Republican leaders, and Hollywood heroes that under islamic sharia law, they are no movies, art, music, freedom of speech or religion, no democratic political process, heck there is nothing but being subjugated to the rule of mullahs/clerics/imams (and they think Christians are bad). They will be told to pray five times a day and women such as Boxer, Pelosi, and even Rosie would not be allowed out of the home.

Now, we are just trying to give some people a chance and opportunity to have protests and rights like them in the future. So let us do our job over here and maybe one day Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Jane Fonda, and others can have a protest seminar in Baghdad and make action movies with Matt Damon shot on location in Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.

Tell them we are not abandoning people like we did in Vietnam resulting in how many millions being slaughtered. Tell the Congress if they cut funding these young Men and Women Warriors, and not the disgruntled ones, they will never forgive them.


Ladies and Gents, security report follows; there is a rumor that the fuel tankers that caught on fire here in staging area resulted from arson. Arson by the Pakistani drivers who wanted to get new trucks.

If you read in some papers Taliban propaganda states that they are going to open up their own schools this year. They can say that all they desire, but it ain't gonna happen. They certainly made a positive impact on the Afghan educational system by burning some 180 schools this past year. Now, that is what I call a religion of peace.

Not much else to report...which is kinda a good thing!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

'24': Television for a Post-9/11 World

My new column at SFGate:

'24': Television for a Post-9/11 World

Monday, January 29, 2007

Cinnamon Stillwell on Indians: Interview with David Yeagley at

In my post-9/11 political travels on the right, I've often gravitated towards others I see as minority Republicans and/or conservatives in their respective environments. In my own case, it's being right-of-center in San Francisco and a politically conservative Jewish woman. But whether it be Jewish, Black, Asian or Hispanic Republicans or even French Neocons, we all have in common communities that typically lean leftward or are at least predominantly Democrat.

On this note, I made the acquaintance some time ago of self-described American Indian patriot David Yeagley. Both of us have written for and David's articles on conservativism and the Indian community, not to mention liberals' attempts to erase Indian mascots and names from the American landscape (in the name of political correctness), really got my attention. He is the only Indian writer I have run across espousing such political viewponts and his website,, and its extensive forums, have become a regular destination.

So it was with great pleasure that I recently consented to be interviewed for It's part of a series of interviews with conservative thinkers, Ann Coulter and Michael Barone among them, on issues pertaining to Indians. None of us claim to be experts on the subject, but the point is to provide off-the-cuff commentary from non-Indians for the benefit of Indian readers. And I learned a lot myself in the process.

Titled "Cinnamon Stillwell on Indians," the interview can be found on the Bad Eagle homepage by scrolling down about halfway and it's also posted in the Bad Eagle forums with comments from readers, including my own. Feel free to take part in the conversation (via registration) if so inclined.

Update: Interesting post over at Composite Drawlings on the Bad Eagle interview - The Importance of Carrying On One's Culture.

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Wall Street Journal's John Fund Raises Questions About Sandy Berger

Fresh on the heels of my recent post on the subject, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal is raising questions about the Sandy Berger affair:

Paper Chase: Did investigators turn a blind eye to the seriousness of the Sandy Berger scandal?

Let's hope the rest of the somnolent press starts doing the same thing.

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