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Friday, October 12, 2007

UC Berkeley's Hatem Bazian Back in the Headlines

I have a new blog post up at Campus Watch on UC Berkeley lecturer and perennial radical Hatem Bazian:
UC Berkeley Near Eastern studies lecturer and adjunct professor at Boalt Hall School of Law Hatem Bazian is back in the headlines. Campus Watch readers will no doubt recall Bazian's infamous call for an "intifada in this country" at a 2004 anti-war protest in San Francisco, not to mention the numerous examples of his participation in radical, and, ostensibly, pro-Palestinian activities across the nation.

The latest case being Bazian's lecture at UC Berkeley on October 6, given as part of a series hosted by a student group called Islamic Awareness of Berkeley. The lecture was attended by Ethan Strauss, a student who wrote about the experience at The Daily Clog, the blog for the student publication The Daily Californian.
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Holy glockamoly!!

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