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Friday, July 06, 2007

Debunking "Post-Zionism"

In an article in Haaretz (of all places), Shlomo Avineri debunks Israel's leftist "post-Zionist" movement, calling it what it really is, anti-Zionism. As Avineri puts it:
Those who call themselves "post-Zionists" are simply anti-Zionists of the old sort. The term "post-Zionism" sounds as though it is something innovative, which came after Zionism. However, here lies a grave mistake: For the term "post-Zionism" to be meaningful, it is necessary to start out from the acceptance of Zionism as a fact and a reality and to try to go beyond it....This is not the case for those who call themselves "post-Zionists": They do not see Zionism and the State of Israel as a reality that has come to pass, but rather as something that is not legitimate from the outset and that must be eliminated down to its very foundations.
At the same time, Avineri points out, post-Zionism's adherents exhibit a blind acceptance of the Palestinian narrative, however faulty its historical foundations.

But it is Avineri's condemnation of the Israeli (and by extention, worldwide) left's abandonment of its self-proclaimed ideals of "social justice" in favor of flat-out hatred that struck a familiar chord with a former leftist like myself:
Some of those who call themselves "post-Zionists" also come from the former Communist camp. There is something pathetic in that 20 years ago they believed in a new, just world that was to emerge from Moscow or Cuba, and the only thing that is left to them of that lofty vision today is anti-Zionism. Not the brotherhood of nations, not the liberation of the proletariat, not universal social justice - all of this has collapsed in a tragic way; the only thing that remains is the hatred of Zionism.
Pathetic indeed.

Update (7/8): University of Haifa professor and prolific commentator Steven Plaut provides more background on Shlomo Avineri and his article at Zionist Conspiracy. Elsewhere, he points to a lengthy piece by fellow University of Haifa prof. Yoav Gelber on "The Disease of Post-Zionism."


Blogger Deadman said...

Ironic that Zionist collectives, the kibbutzim, are probably the only real working example of "communist" ideals...

Sunday, July 08, 2007 12:02:00 PM  

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