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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brown University's Middle East Studies Workshop

My latest Campus Watch article (published today at The American Thinker) looks at an upcoming Middle East Studies workshop to be held at Brown University:

Brown University's Middle East Studies Workshop

Speakers include professors Stephen Walt (of "Israel Lobby" fame), Juan Cole, Lisa Anderson and a host of others of a similar mindset, that is, as I put it, "academics hostile to the U.S.-led war on terrorism, its ally, Israel, and any efforts via higher education to combat radical Islam on college campuses."

Campus Watch Director Winfield Myers weighs in on the Brown U. article and the ludicrous notion, popular among Middle East studies faculty these days, that criticism of their work is somehow tantamount to censorship. To read his post, go to the Democracy Project.

Candace de Russy comments on the article in a post at National Review's higher education blog, Phi Beta Cons, titled "Brown: No Pretense of Objectivity at Mid East-Islam Conference."

Solomonia, who recently covered the Brown workshop, blogs my article in "Stillwell on Brown U's Exercise in Chest Thumping."


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