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Friday, December 22, 2006

Anti-Semites In Denial

I often hear from readers claiming to be "anti-Zionist" but not anti-Semitic. And I'm not buying it.

Recently, someone wrote and asked me to explain how one can be separated from the other and I couldn't resist a brief response:
Question: How can someone be critical of the state of Israel and the Zionist/Likud /Neocons without being accused of anti-Semitism?

Answer: He can't. The modern day obsession with Israel as the root of all evil in the world is so off the mark that it can have no other basis except anti-Semitism. Adherents to this line of thought can try to tell themselves otherwise, but years of propaganda by those who truly do hate Jews has made its mark and now they're spouting the same talking points. When they are as outraged by the actions of other countries as they are the Jewish state, then I'll believe otherwise. But pigs will probably have to fly first.

If this message is in regards to yourself, my advice would be to dispense with all you think you know about the history of the Mideast conflict and start over. Joan Peters' book "From Time Immemorial" is an excellent start.
If there are any other anti-Semites in denial out there, this advice is for you too.

As for me, I'm thinking it might be time to start a "Dear Cinnamon (Abbey)" feature...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spit and Baby Killers: Echoes of Vietnam

We often hear false comparisons between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam war, but one link that holds true is the anti-military attitude exhibited by the left. U.S. soldiers today are treated as either victims or butchers--whichever one happens to meet the "antiwar" narrative at hand.

Echoes of the Vietnam war and particularly the terrible treatment meted out to returning soldiers could be heard over the Thanksgiving holiday when a woman was arrested for spitting in a soldier's face at Hancock Airport in Syracuse. While the woman's motive remains unknown, it's awfully hard to imagine that she's the type who volunteers to put together care packages for the troops.

A few months back in San Francisco, I witnessed my own Vietnam war redux.

I was walking down Van Ness Avenue (a main drag) when I saw three off-duty soldiers in fatigues, laughing and talking. That in itself was a surprising sight in San Francisco, where soldiers in uniform are few and far between. But what came next was the real shocker. I heard someone yelling from a passing car and realized, to my horror, they were screaming, "baby killers!" at the soldiers.

To their credit, the soldiers merely paused for a brief moment and then, looking nonplussed, continued their conversation. No doubt they expected such uncivil behavior in a city known for its anti-military attitudes. I, on the other hand, was mortified and never felt so ashamed of the cold-hearted city by the bay.

From that point on, I pledged to stop and thank any servicemen or women I happened to see visiting San Francisco and about two weeks ago, I did just that. I was doing some errands in my neighborhood when I spied a soldier in fatigues and went right up and thanked him for his service. When asked, I was happy to hear that he hadn't experienced any hostility in San Francisco. But nonetheless, he welcomed our conversation.

So whether over the Christmas season or beyond, stop and thank a soldier the next time you get a chance. The left may be suffering from the Vietnam Syndrome, but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to play along.

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Carter, Baker and The Wahabbi Lobby

It's funny how all those Jimmy Carter fans obsessing about the "Jewish/Israel Lobby" seem to have little to no interest in the Saudi Lobby. Otherwise known as the Wahabbi Lobby, this is the group that truly has its tentacles wrapped around America's centers of power, not to mention radicalizing mosques, funding Islamist outfits such as CAIR, and pouring cash into universities and K-12 textbooks on Middle East "history" in order to indoctrinate future generations. Forget the Jewish Lobby, it's the Arab Lobby we need to be worried about!

Melanie Phillips provides a run-down of informative links on Carter and Baker, or what she calls, "The kept creatures of the Arab world."

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hatred of Israel and Jews Imperils Us All

My new column at Family Security Matters:

Hatred of Israel and Jews Imperils Us All
All around the world, a perfect storm is brewing. Under the guise of anti-Zionism or opposition to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, forces from all walks of life are converging. An unholy alliance has formed of Islamists, leftists, conspiracists, Jewish anti-Semites, Neo-Nazis and certain Paleoconservatives, the one commonality among them all being hatred for Israel and Jews. Whether it’s medieval blood libels, Holocaust denial, belief in Jewish domination of the media and undue influence over American foreign policy or demonizing Israel and exonerating its enemies, the old canards are alive and well.
Read the rest here.