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Friday, December 08, 2006

Denounce Judaism and Get an A

Ukranian immigrant and San Francisco Bay Area Jewish activist Aleksandra Fliegler speaks to the need for Jews to start standing up against anti-Semitism on college campuses and demonstrating pride and strength in their heritage. To that end, B'nai B'rith International has set up a panel discussion on the subject this weekend in San Francisco, which Aleksandra references in her conclusion:

Denounce Judaism and Get an "A"
by Aleksandra Fliegler
December 5, 2006

It’s two o’clock in the morning at the Hillel house at San Francisco State University (SFSU). The lines between dream and reality are blurred. A handful of outraged Jewish students are preparing press releases, I am making the counter-rally banners "Stop Scapegoating Jews," "We’re not the enemy…"

Earlier that December day in 1993 I was mobbed by an angry bunch on campus when I tried to question the mural depicting Magen Davids with the dollar signs inside them and words "African Blood." I got bullied out of the mural painting area with people shouting "Ask your Rabbi!" Perhaps the whole thing is a nightmare because I know I am in America and I know I can be a Jew here, yet somehow once again I see people blaming Jews for their problems. I felt right at home!

In the few days that followed we had press conferences, riot squad on campus and threats. The Hillel house had to be guarded overnight in fear of assault. On campus, two fit black guys got in my way in an attempt to prevent me from speaking to the reporters: "If she makes a sound, break her f---g neck." Nope, it’s real. Suddenly it dawned on me: I am a Jew and I’ve got nowhere to run. I’ve already made one escape hoping to leave all the trouble behind, in the old country. If I can’t be a Jew in America, then where?

My family name traces back to Babylon and translates from Hebrew as "Pride." For 20 centuries in exile my family managed to keep the Jewish identity despite all the risks involved. Even I as a kid witnessed my mother’s bogus arrest and beating in the Soviet militia station. By the third grade I had to learn to defend myself, and I am just talking about my personal experience. I can go back at least three generations and describe the persecution and humiliation that my family endured and kept our Jewish identity through it all.

Here, "in the land of the free" in 1993, I was not backing down either. I remember one of the Jewish girls was filmed by the news cameras crying and saying "I can’t believe that this is happening in my school!" Unlike her, I had no time to feel sorry for myself. I had to act. I also wasn’t letting them win by affecting my grades – it was finals time. With a handful of students and an ADL attorney behind the scenes, we managed to obliterate the hateful images from the wall, all the while facing our final exams. Unfortunately, putting a stop to hatred at San Francisco State was not as easy as sandblasting a mural off the wall.

The bliss of studying fascinating subjects pertaining to my chosen profession was over and I had to move on to General Education. Most certainly, the intent of creating well rounded, informed adults out of self-absorbed teenagers is a noble one. Upon the award of my degree I would be well versed in subjects other than my specialty: literature, philosophy, sciences, politics, humanities. For that purpose,a curriculum has been devised where each student must take nearly half the classes from each of the aforementioned areas.

Little did I know that my Anthropology class would be introducing pseudo-academic anti-Israel material and if I wanted good grades and my diploma, I was expected to repeat the fallacies taught in the class: Jews are the 20th century white colonizers of poor indigenous Palestinian population, that stole Palestinian land and continue to oppress the local Arab population. As I tried to talk to my young Latino professor peacefully and express doubts about the contents of the course, he made me feel that I was in the minority and that in fact, most Jews here at SFSU and at UC Berkeley (according to him), were supportive of his position.

Though something seemed wrong, I didn’t have enough skill to continue arguing with him. I had no idea that I could have asserted my rights and gone over his head, as far up the chain of command as necessary. Since none of the organized Jewish Community prepared the Jewish students to exercise our civil rights on campus, I saw two ways out of this situation: denounce my people and get my "A" or fail the course. I quit San Francisco State.

I hear many similar stories (graduation rate at SFSU is less than 40%) and I ask myself: how can a lecturer teach that 2+2=5 and still receive his salary and benefits? How can someone like that not lose his or her accreditation? Furthermore, how can the University’s paying clients (students and parents) feel that we are getting quality product (education) for our buck?

Dear fellow Jews, it is through the silence and apathy of the Jewish Community that anti Semitism on campus continues spiraling out of proportion. Jew-haters are free to mob Jewish students and shout, "Hitler should have finished the job" and not event get reprimanded for such behavior. Instead, the campus police arrested the Jewish woman and charged her with assault. Don’t fight back, Jew! A stack of police reports against her by the hostile attackers made her the culprit. She was guilty of one thing: she was a Jew.

It is through indifference in the Jewish Community that a well-financed multi-million dollar textbook-writing, educator-brainwashing through "workshops" Saudi funded propaganda machine on campuses does not get challenged.

Who decided that it is politically correct to say "Black Pride" or "Viva La Raza" (Viva to the Race) or "Viva-Viva Palestina" but it’s unacceptable that Jews would dare to carve out a tiny piece of land for self-determination in our historic homeland? Who gets to teach the right and wrong to our kids?

I remember how we craved the support of the Jewish Community during the mural crisis, and which was almost invisible to us students. As a former Jewish student, I wish there was someone to educate me about my rights on campus and ways to use the system to my advantage, as our anti-Semitic opponents have done so well.

Recently I went back to campus at SFSU as part of the group accompanying Nathan Sharansky. I found out that Hillel students no longer maintain any presence on campus like we used to, by staffing our daily Hillel table to counter the table with anti-Israel materials, often not based in fact. I was told of a recent incident of an attempt to distribute flyers with Jewish content on campus, which was met by an angry anti-Semitic mob that ripped the stack of flyers out of the Jewish woman’s hands and pushed her off campus territory as if she were riddled with plague.

Fellow Jews, we have letourselves be pushed around for far too long, partly through our own fault. Turning a blind eye to the issue of anti-Semitism on college campuses hasn’t gotten us any place desirable. In fact, many young minds, both Jewish and gentile, got corrupted by this system for decades. Many Jews have stopped supporting Israel and many more gentiles have shaped the public opinion unfavorable to Israel.

I look forward to the time when I can write a paper about the most incredible, most unlikely victory or the Maccabees’ over the Hellenists and have it graded fairly and have it help me graduate. How do we get from pseudo-academic mandatory indoctrination to treating everyone with respect in academia? How do we get from 2+2=5 to 2+2=4?

Our children need our help today. They must learn our proud 5,000-year-old tradition of not compromising our values in the face of opposition. Our courage and Torah carried us throughout history outliving many great empires and nobody, gentile or self-professed arrogant Jew has the right to revise our history or to tell us to throw away our traditions and live as if there were no Torah.

To the contrary, there should be a General Education requirement teaching the students of how Judaism affected the world we live in today. Torah and Talmud have shaped the Justice system, global economy, banking and medical ethics as we know them today. The concept of unity of command (one g-d=one manager) permeates the field of management today. The day of rest on Shabbat is viewed by many as the first model of a labor union. There’s Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam and many other concepts that Judaism has contributed to humanity and to each civilization we lived in. For instance, it was no accident that the famous thinkers of early Renaissance found it valuable to live in the Venetian Jewish ghetto and borrow many of the progressive ideas from the Jews. Unlike Christians, we did not have the dark ages, we never stopped learning,questioning, challenging and passing down the knowledge. If today, through our own inaction, we allow ourselves to be pushed around by these hateful spiritlessmiserable beings, then it is our own fault for allowing them to prevail.

We are living in a place and a time when being Jewish does not present any difficulties. In similar situations throughout our history Jews have been lulled into a false sense of security. Let’s not repeat that mistake and stand up for our rights on college campuses before it’s too late.


B’nai B’rith International has created a panel discussion about the issue of anti Semitism on campus, which will take place this Sunday, December 10 at Noon at theCongregation Beth Israel-Judea in San Francisco at 625 Brotherhood Way. Find out about what’s already been done and how much more remains to be accomplished. It would give me great nachis to see that this Jewish Community cares about the rights of Jews on college campuses and in academia. Seating is limited. All are welcome! 11:10 am — Lox & Bagel brunch, 12:10 —Program. There is no charge for the event.

See you on 12/10 at 12:10

Aleksandra Fliegler was born in Ukraine and immigrated to the US in 1990. She is active in the San Francisco Barea Jewish community in various volunteer capacities. One of her projects is an on-line pro-Israel forum Aleksandra is married and is raising two children in addition to her career as a graphic artist. She can be reached at

For background information on the incidents at San Francisco State University referenced above, read my 2004 column, SFSU's Legacy of Intolerance.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

French Neocons? Mon Dieu!

My new column at Family Security Matters:

French Neocons? Mon Dieu!

Just when I thought I'd seen it all, along comes not only pro-American and pro-Israel French folks, but a French fellow 9/11 Neocon!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Examples of Mob Rule on College Campuses

No sooner had my last SFGate column, "Mob Rule on College Campuses" come out, when bullying behavior reared its ugly head on America's college campuses yet again.

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, one of the strongest anti-illegal immigration voices in politics, had his speech at Michigan State University of Law last Thursday disrupted by violent student protesters. They set off the fire alarm beforehand and when that didn't stop the event, proceeded to shout loudly throughout Tancredo's speech. Protesters also attacked members of the Michigan State University College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom, both of whom backed the event.

This incident put me in mind of the treatment given to Chris Simcox, founder of the anti-illegal immigration group, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, when he spoke at Georgetown University in November. Protesters, led by the ironically named GU Students Against Racism, Hate and Violence, set off the fire alarm (which, as I recall, is a tactic straight out of grade school) and managed to disrupt Simcox's speech briefly. They continued to chant outside the speech in an unsuccessful attempt to drown Simcox out.

According to a quote at Michelle Malkin's blog from a Georgetown undergrad who attended the speech, GU Students United Against Racism, Hate and Violence said that "it recognizes Simcox's freedom of speech. But...he shouldn't be on their campus." Kind of contradiction in terms, don't you think?

On top of the incidents I referenced in my column:

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist was physically attacked and silenced at Columbia University in October.

Arab reformer Nonie Darwish had her Brown University speech canceled in November, while fellow anti-jihadist Walid Shoebat had his Columbia University speech sabotaged the same month.

David Horowitz was shouted down by an unruly mob at San Francisco State University last year, as was Daniel Pipes at UC Berkeley in 2004.

...there are a host of other examples of mob rule on college campuses just from the last few years alone. Here's a sampling:

David Horowitz was giving a speech at Ball State University in Indiana in November when he encountered rabid protesters holding a 50-foot "Not Welcome" sign, an attempted pie-throwing and the delivery of 15 prank pizzas (all of which had to be thrown out--so much for environmentalism) to the auditorium where he was speaking. Two of the protesters were arrested and later released on bond for assaulting an officer. In 2005, Horowitz was hit with a pie at Butler University in Indiana.

Paleocon pundit and author Pat Buchanan was doused with salad dressing during an appearance at Western Michigan University in 2005. As intended, he ended his speech soon after.

Weekly Standard editor and commentator Bill Kristol was speaking at Earlham College in Indiana in 2005 when he was hit with a pie.

Conservative columnist, author and blogger Michelle Malkin was met with an unruly mob, complete with hysteria, namecalling and racist signs, at UC Berkeley in 2004. They didn't succeed in preventing her speech, but they sure tried.

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter has been physically attacked on numerous occasions during her appearances on college campuses, including attempted pie-throwings. Michelle Malkin blogged on the incident at the University of Arizona in 2004 and linked to David Horowitz' article on the incident at Cornell University in 2001.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak encountered loud protesters, violence and interruptions during a speech at UC Berkeley in 2003. Members of U.C. Berkeley Stop the War (on Iraq) Coalition and A Jewish Voice for Peace (not being very peaceful), among others, provided the honors.

The alleged "Home of the Free Speech Movement" rolled out the Berkeley welcome mat to another former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in 2000. Netanyahu ended up canceling an appearance at the Berkeley Community Theater after protesters toppled the barricades outside. Clearly, when it comes to Berkeley, non-suicidal Israelis need not apply.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As many readers pointed out to me, this kind of behavior has been going on our college campuses since the 1960's. Another wonderful legacy of the "peace and love" generation.

Clearly students have been emboldened, both through the indoctrination of their leftist professors and radical political organizations recruiting on college campuses, to push the boundaries of civil behavior. Groups such as International A.N.S.W.E.R., the International Socialist Organization, the Spartacist Youth Club, MEChA, the Muslim Student Association and many others, hover like vultures on campuses preying on the naive and impressionable.

What's interesting is that all of this is happening in response to the growing movement of college Republicans and other conservative student groups on campuses across the country. In almost all of these cases, it was the college Republican group at hand that invited these right-leaning speakers to their campuses. So in a sense, the primal screams of leftist student groups can be taken as an affirmation that there's a new sheriff in town.

Of course, the old order won't go that easily and the outrage with which they meet diverging viewpoints does not bode well for the future of free speech on campuses or beyond. But they no longer dominate the intellectual battlefield and this kind of behavior may just be the death throes of a dying breed.

One can only hope.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lafayette "War Memorial" Dishonors the Dead

Looks like Bay Area Moonbats are up to their old tricks again, erecting false "war memorials" in an attempt to use U.S. casualties in Iraq to undermine the war. As always, they do so under the guise of paying respect to the dead, when in fact, what they're doing dishonors our fallen soldiers and their families.

This time around, the sleepy suburb of Lafayette, home to a fair amount of military families and veterans, is the locale for a mock war memorial called "The Crosses of Lafayette." It consists of a large sign keeping count of U.S. casualties in Iraq, accompanied by a hillside of mock graves topped with crosses and for the politically-correct, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and gay symbols as well.

Set up by anti-war activist Jeff Heaton, the mock memorial sits on a hillside directly across from the Lafayette BART station and the Highway 24 corridor, where commuters can't miss it. Being on private property shields the installation from the considerable public opposition in the community, but Lafayette city officials have said that the large sign violates the municipal code and must be taken down. So far, Heaton has refused to comply and the outcome of a Lafayette City Council meeting on the subject remains to be seen.

As usual, the indispensable anonymous photo-journalist known only as Zombie is on the job, with photos and a detailed report titled, The Lafayette Mock War Memorial aka "The Crosses of Lafayette."

If there's anything that can be learned from this episode, it's that the sudden concern for the welfare of American soldiers being shown by anti-war activists such as Heaton is nothing more than a cold-hearted and shameless publicity stunt. This isn't a war memorial, it's a political statement.

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