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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fox News to Air "Obession" Special Throughout the Weekend

A one-hour special involving segments of the documentary "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" will air several times this weekend on Fox News. Go to the film's website for the details.

The lefty spin at Huffington Post and beyond is that Fox is trying to scare us gullible Repubs/hawks into voting on Tuesday. Another diabolical offshoot of the Rove/Murdoch Conspiracy.

But the truth is, those who most need to see this profoundly disturbing film are on the left. It might just scare them too.

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Vanity Fair's Sickening Puff Piece on Haniyeh

In recent years, I've read more romanticized profiles of terrorist leaders in the mainstream media than I'd care to admit. But Vanity Fair's sickening puff piece on Palestinian prime minister and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh takes the cake.

Authored by David Margolick and titled, "The Most Dangerous Job in Gaza," the article is nothing more than a transparent attempt to make us feel sorry for the poor, beleaguered terrorist leader Haniyeh and the people who elected him. To hear Margolick tell it, if only Haniyeh didn't have to spend all his time escaping from Israeli bombs, he might just turn out to be the next Gandhi.

As usual, all of Israel's military actions are described in a vacuum, with little to no context as to what prompted them. That would be the ongoing war of extermination against Israel on the part of the Palestinians and the Muslim world as a whole.

For instance, Israel's justifiable military response in Gaza to the kidnapping of IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit, not to mention the years of violence and provocation that preceded it, is painted as (horror of horrors!) nothing more than an attempt to rid the world of the Hamas regime. As Margolick puts it:

When Palestinian militants from Hamas and two other groups killed two Israeli soldiers and kidnapped a third, Corporal Gilad Shalit, in late June, it seemed like a minor skirmish, at least in the context of Middle Eastern carnage. But,in a land of such deep hatreds and hair-trigger sensitivities, the strike quickly prompted an enormous Israeli assault on beleaguered Gaza, ostensibly to free the abducted soldier and stop Palestinian rocket fire, but really to cripple, if not topple, the Hamas regime altogether.
Get out the hanky and the violin because I think I feel a sob story coming on.

Indeed, it just gets worse. Here's how Margolick describes Israel's military actions in Lebanon in response to the Hezbollah-orchestrated kidnappings of two more of its soldiers:

Two weeks later, the militant Lebanese group Hezbollah staged a similar cross-border attack...It, too, prompted a colossal Israeli counterattack, one that devastated Lebanon and threatened an even wider war involving the two principal backers of the radical Islamic groups: Iran and Syria.
And here I thought Iran and Syria's backing of Hezbollah's actions were what "threatened an even wider war" not Israel's response. Silly me.

The article goes on to do the usual handwringing over the fate of the much-anticipated Palestinian state without any mention of the fact that its failure lies in the hands of its own people. The very same people who elected, as Margolick proudly puts it, "Haniyeh, one of those rare democratically elected Arab prime ministers."

He laments the rubble of Gaza, which, as he describes it, is "only moved, never cleared away." Perhaps if the Palestinians were interested in actually creating a viable society instead of simply destroying Israel, the rubble would be cleared away, much as it is in Israel immediately following one of the many terrorist attacks on its people.

But that's too much of a leap of logic for Margolick, yet another weepy western dupe to the Palestinian "cause," to make. Instead, to quote a former column of my own, he extends his misguided sympathies to tyrants and terrorists.

Suddenly, Better Homes & Gardens' glowing profile of Adolph Hitler in 1938 makes a lot of sense.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Congressional Candidate Steve Beren: Another Ex-Lefty

I make it a point to try and keep track of fellow former lefties, whether pre-9/11 or, as in my own case, post-9/11. And some of them have gravitated towards the online discussion group I started for this purpose, the 9/11 Neocons.

One such member is congressional candidate Steve Beren. Not only is Beren a former lefty, but a former radical, Socialist, Vietnam antiwar activist.

He started parting ways with his comrades around 1990, drifted into liberal Democrat land and then between 1993-95, became a born-again Christian. But it wasn't until after 9/11 that he seriously turned rightwards and to this day, he considers himself (to use a phrase I once employed) a 9/11 Republican. He actually registered as a Republican after the 2004 election and he's now running against uber-liberal Jim McDermott in the Washington State 7th District Congressional race.

Blogger Neo-neocon, yet another ex-lefty, has an enlightening two-part interview with Beren, which can be read here and here.

Beren's platform and other information can be found at his website, He is strongly pro-defense, anti-illegal immigration, for limited but effective government, and interested in reducing dependence on foreign oil using commonsense measures.

One can only hope that Seattle voters will decide to opt for change and throw out the old for the new. That's exactly what Steve Beren did and those of us he joined are proud to count him amongst our ranks.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ground Zero: Leave No One Behind

When I read that over 100 pieces of human remains had been uncovered at Ground Zero last month, my thoughts immediately turned to the WTC Families For Proper Burial. This is an organization comprised of people who lost family members in the World Trade Center on 9/11 and it's been pushing city officials to conduct a thorough forensic search of the area ever since.

After having heard from founder Diane Horning (she and her husband Kurt lost their son in the WTC), I referenced the group in a follow-up blog post to an SFGate article I'd written titled, "The Cheapening of Ground Zero."

With the recent discovery and in some cases identification of further human remains, it seems the group's mission has at last been vindicated, although sadly, their struggle continues. Members have been protesting Mayor Bloomberg's decision to go ahead with the construction of the Freedom Tower until all remains are found.

While I would like to see the memorial site built as quickly as possible, we owe it to those who lost their lives that terrible day to fully excavate the area first. And the least we can do for their families is to give their loved ones a proper burial and literally put the dead to rest. We as a nation require no less.

I believe the following poem, posted in the Kesher Talk comments section accompanying "Ground Zero Revisited" and reprinted here with the blessing of its author, Del "Abe" Jones, says it best:

Leave No One Behind

They have found some more remains
That have lain hidden for so long
And no matter what excuse they make
There is something surely wrong.

What if you were a Family
Who had nothing to lay to rest
And then, now it begins all over
As new hopes are put to an old test.

They want to have some closure
A place to visit those they lost
To have a private place to go
The least deserved, for their awful cost.

Haven't they lost enough?
Haven't they felt enough pain?
Without wondering, “How many more?”
Places not searched, still remain.

It seems to be really obvious
These lost ones should have been found
Back then, not five years later
Once more the victims were let down.

With all of our technologies
And with proper leaders in place
GZ should be searched once more
For even the smallest trace.

How much longer must those souls wait
And will the families ever really know
Some peace and put them to rest
In some private place where they can go.

All Americans should be outraged
With many from some other Nations
Just one more thing to add to
The list of family's frustrations.

We shouldn't blame the workers
Those in charge are those to blame
Like almost all priorities
Just part of the money game.

Just like the “Commission”
The only way things will get done
Is when the People demand it
And we should, each and everyone.

Bureaucracy and politics
Have once more raised their ugly head
Bowing to uncaring sources
And not doing what's right, instead.

Del “Abe” Jones

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Comic Relief

It seems John "Effing" Kerry has stepped in it once again with his recent comments indicating that the U.S. military is comprised of a bunch of uneducated idiots.

Well, those (in actuality) enterprising soldiers serving in Iraq came up with an answer to Kerry via a hilarious photo currently posted at Drudge, Michelle Malkin and Kesher Talk, among others. God bless our troops and their sense of humor!

If one is looking for further chuckles, check out the collection of silly Kerry pics on this Free Republic thread. From Lurch to bunny suits to silly walks, Kerry's in fine form.

And speaking of funny photos, take a look at 911 Neocon and blogger Jeremayakovka's decidely politically incorrect Halloween costume. Homeless/terrorist chic has never looked so good!

Something tells me his "fatwa-worthy" costume must have dropped a few jaws in San Francisco last night...

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How To Win in Iraq? Not With Political Correctness

My latest column at

How To Win in Iraq? Not With Political Correctness

This was my attempt to address some of the criticism of the war in Iraq, but to differentiate between the unhelpful and the constructive.

Yes, there's some dissatisfaction with the war on the right side of the political spectrum, but it's not of the sort the antiwar chorus is putting out there.

In sum:

Hit harder, not softer.

And defeat isn't an option.