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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Published in a New Book

I'm pleased to announce that one of my articles is included in a new book, "United States and the World Face to Face: America's Best and Worst: Women, Men, People, Ideas, Events, News and Gossip." Written by painter, socialite and all-around Renaissance man Maximillien De Lafayette, who also runs the World Jewish News Agency, the book is a compendium of all things American, and beyond.

The article, "Disengagement or Suicide?", was posted at the World Jewish News Agency and it's part of a chapter in the book on contributors titled, "The Israeli/Jewish Point of View." Written last year in advance of Israel's disastrous Gaza Disengagement Plan, the article, as one might imagine from the title, was not an endorsement.

Considering what's happened in the time since Israel's various withdrawals, both from Gaza and Lebanon, I can only conclude that my warnings (and those of so many others) were well-founded. But history will continue to be the judge.

For information on other books in which I have articles or research published, click here.

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The False Comparison Between Islam and Christianity

The e-mail I receive from left-of-center readers in response to my SFGate columns is always revealing. Whether of the frothing-at-the-mouth variety (see Hatemail page) or the earnest and thoughtful, these missives are nothing if not enlightening.

The response to my last SFGate column, "Self-Censorship Threatens the West," said much about the current state of the left. The article looked at the growing and worrisome trend of Western self-censorship in reaction to years of intimidation and violence from the Muslim world. Ever since the Salman Rushdie affair, Westerners have been taught that legitimate criticism of Islam will be met with bloodshed.

But for liberals steeped in years of multiculturalism (whereby only Judeo-Christian civilization can be criticized lest one be considered a "racist"), not to mention an anti-Christian obsession that borders on irrational fear, my observations led to the inevitable question, "but what about the Christian Right?"

All I can say is that I'm quite astounded at the moral equivalence being drawn between riots/burning effigies/burning down churches/death threats/killing people with peaceful protests/opeds/boycotts/criticism/democratic activism. The latter is what the dreaded "Christian Right" does, while the former is what we've been seeing from the seething Muslim masses as of late. And there's absolutely no comparison.

Furthermore, there's this little historical difference between the two religions called The Reformation. In short, Islam hasn't gone through one yet. If and when it does, we can talk about comparing it to Christianity. But until that time, the comparison is wholly inaccurate.

Leftists can continue to harp on about the bogey-man of the so-called Christian Right if they must. In the meantime, the rest of us will be busy engaging with reality.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

CNN: The Al-Jazeera of the West?

CNN's airing of portions of the latest Iraqi "insurgency" (as the MSM labels it) propaganda videotapes this past week put them in the realm of Al-Jazeera, the mouthpiece for al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorists all over the world.

The fact that the tape, showing snipers shooting at American military personnel, was delivered to Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware by so-called "intermediaries," recalls the handy access terrorists seem to have to Al-Jazeera. Indeed, I've often wondered if there's a slot in the back door marked "terrorist propaganda"?

A friend who was none too pleased at CNN's decision, sent them the following letter:

My question is why are you knowingly spreading ENEMY propaganda?

Only a complete fool or a traitor would show this video. I'd say that CNN is obviously in both camps. And just who are these "intermediaries?" CNN employees consorting with Islamist terrorists?

I'd say shame on you, but no one who works at CNN could have any shame, as you do whatever it takes to make sure terrorists win and Democrats get elected.

You're despicable.
If anyone feels similarly, click here for CNN's feedback form.

Responding to all the criticism (and praise from certain quarters), Anderson Cooper is defending CNN's decision to air the tape in the interest of presenting "the unvarnished truth." But for some strange reason, the unvarnished truth only seems important when it sheds a negative light on the war in Iraq and by extension, the Bush administration.

Update: Rush opined on the tape during this morning's show and found the ever-sensitive Cooper's shocked accompanying commentary that soldiers are getting shot in Iraq (during a war---can you imagine?) to be more farcical than anything else.

[Update: Judith over at Kesher Talk, where I cross-posted this item, reminded me that Michael Ware, CNN correspondent and Time Magazine Baghdad bureau chief, may not be the most impartial source. As she points out, "Ware seems to have contracted Stockholm Syndrome." Suddenly, the Al-Jazeera comparison seems all the more apt.]

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Atlas Interviews Brussels Journal Editor Paul Belien Tonight

Yet another must-listen interview tonight on BlogTalkRadio!

Paul Belien, editor of the indispensible Brussels Journal will be live on Atlas on the Air tonight at 9pm est/6pm pst.

Go to Atlas Shrugs for all the details, links and podcasts from an earlier interview with Belien.

Not only has Belien risked his life to shed light on Eurabia, but he now finds himself being persecuted by the Belgian government for the "crime" of homeschooling his own children.

Europe slips further into the abyss...

"Live From Afghanistan" Today on BlogTalkRadio

A must-listen today (4pm pst/7pm est) on
“Live from the Front Lines – The Words of War” Tuesday October 17, 2006 -On October 19th at 7PM est. history will be made on Scott Kesterson an embedded reporter with the US Army's 41st Brigade in Afghanistan will be calling in live to BlogTalkRadio for a one on one interview with David Perlmutter. This is Scott's first live interview since being embedded at the beginning of March 2006. Scott will be discussing what is going on in Afghanistan behind the scenes and on the front lines. From his first hand experiences alongside our solders during battle armed with only a camera, to filming our troops training of the Afghanistan National Guard.
To read the rest and tune in, click here.

And if you miss it, BlogTalkRadio archives all their shows.

The Old Koran in the Toilet Ploy

Wonder of wonders.

It seems yet another Koran has turned up in yet another toilet. The said toilet being in the bathroom of Pace University library in New York City. According to the oh-so-reliable claims of Wahabbi Lobbyists CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations), this is the second such instance at Pace University.

Funny how Bibles or Torahs never seem to show up in toilets, isn't it?

Gitmo, anyone?

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When Is It Treason?

Between Adam Gadahn, Jane Fonda and Lynne Stewart, I've been doing a lot of posts on the topic of treason lately. Lest some think that I use the term lightly, in fact my accusations have been quite specific.

In the instance of American convert to Islam and al-Qaeda propagandist Adam Gadahn, his was a clear cut case of treason if there ever was one. As the first such American charged since WWII, Gadahn was a more than appropriate candidate.

Of Lynne Stewart, the leftist lawyer with a prediliction for defending and aiding the machinations of Islamic terrorists, there too it is a fairly straightforward case. But the slap-on-the-wrist sentence Stewart received, not to mention her legions of leftist apologists, make the charge of treason one with which some will inevitably argue.

Then there was my suggestion that actress and liberal activist Jane Fonda be charged with treason for her role in making propaganda radio broadcasts for the Vietnamese Communists during the war. Very few dispute that her actions aided the enemy and contributed to harming American soldiers.

Still, it seems there are some for whom nothing would constitute treason. Instead, all such actions are ascribed to "dissent" or simply expressing "different viewpoints," no matter how outrageous. But at what point do "differing viewpoints" or being a mere "useful idiot" cross over into actively providing aid and comfort to the enemy? And if as a society we are too squeamish to ever apply the "T" word, has treason itself become meaningless?

Here's how I look at. If someone wants to flat out join the other side (of whatever war America is engaged in at the time), then they should come right out and do it. Renounce his or her citizenship, move to said third world paradise and join the military and/or government. (At least Adam Gadahn had the guts to do that much). Then pay the consequences accordingly.

But you can't have your cake and eat it too.

Then again, if Lynne Stewart and Jane Fonda are any indication, I guess you can.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deb Saunders Takes On San Francisco's Intolerance

Deb Saunders, my sole conservative colleague at the San Francisco Chronicle (sort of, I write for, has written a fine piece on the Pete Wilson kerfuffle and San Francisco's special brand of liberal (and in this case, gay) intolerance. As she puts it:

SAN FRANCISCANS may think of their town as a haven for tolerance, but once again, S.F. supervisors are showing the rest of America how intolerant The Special City can be. Forget a flower in your hair. If you come to San Francisco, be sure to wear a muzzle on your brain.

{snip} this case, gays and S.F. supes are in power -- and they're trying to get a man fired for expressing views they don't like. They clearly don't appreciate the beauty of free speech: When you don't like what someone says, you talk back. You don't silence dissenters, unless you are afraid of what they say.

As I suggested in my own post on the matter, these so-called liberals are acting a lot like the perpetually outraged Muslim masses that have been demanding the Pope's head, literally.

What's next, burning Wilson in effigy?

Update: It should be noted that not all of San Francisco's gay residents agree with the Board of Supervisors', and particularly gay supe Tom Ammiano's, actions. A reader on my mailing list expressed the following sentiments in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle:

I've lived in San Francisco now for 25 of my 50 years, and have seen the LGBT community grow ever increasingly intolerant of many individuals and segments of society, and/or of their opinions. (Yes, I'm gay, too.) And for Wilson to be in favor of same-sex marriage? Excuse me! It makes one wonder who the real liberals are.


Lynne Stewart Is a Traitor

Yesterday's news that defense attorney Lynne Stewart got off with a slap-on-the-wrist sentence shows what happens when terrorism cases are tried in civilian courts. For Lynne Stewart was no mere useful idiot of the left, but rather an active player in the furtherance of Islamic terrorism.

Not only was Stewart defending the man behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman, but according to, "with the help of co-defendants Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Mohamed Yousry," she was helping pass "fatwas from Omar Abdel Rahman to his Egyptian terrorist followers, the Islamic Group." This is the terrorist group that, as the Wall Street Journal points out, was "responsible for killing 62 mostly European and Japanese tourists in Luxor in 1997," some of whom were "beheaded...[or] disemboweled."

Not to mention the blatant bigotries of her client and his fanatical followers. The Islamic Group, or Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, were pushing for a Taliban-like government in Egypt and as one would expect, often spoke disparagingly of Jews and Christians. Lynne's self-proclaimed crusade against "racism and sexism" must have fallen by the wayside when the opportunity to take on her other obsession, "capitalism," or in other words America, came up.

Stewart's long history as a radical leftist "civil rights" lawyer who defended the likes of the Weather Underground makes perfect sense. She had long promulgated "popular revolution" and during her trial stated that America "will not be changed without violence." Obviously, Stewart found the violent movement that she felt would effect that change. That Stewart has become a hero to many on the left, who, in their misguided attempts to thwart American power will glom onto any reactionary figure or movement that comes their way, is fitting indeed.

The Clinton-era appointed judge in the case Judge John George Koetl sentenced Stewart, who was facing up to 30 years in prison, to only 28 months and then went on to laud Stewart for her "public the nation." Since when did defending the genocidal aims of those hell bent on destroying the nation and all its inhabitants become a public service?

Bottom line: Lynne Stewart is a traitor and she should have been tried and punished accordingly.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Interview with Wisconsin Public Radio

I'll be interviewing with Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio tomorrow morning (Oct. 18) at the bright and early hour of 6am (PST). We'll be discussing my Family Security Matters column, Conservatives: The New Rebels, which deals, once again, with my political transformation. The show will run for an hour and we'll be taking callers. If Wisconsin Public Radio is anything like local public radio, this should be interesting...

Click here to listen online.

Update: Well, the interview's over and as predicted, it was....interesting. I think I got some Wisconsin libs just a little riled up. If anyone wants to check it out, it's archived here (scroll down to 10/18, Segment C).

Dhimmitude Denial Runs Deep

My latest column at Family Security Matters:

Dhimmitude Denial Runs Deep

Again, read it and weep.

Monday, October 16, 2006

More Manly Virtues

It seems I'm not the only lady blogger who thought Robert Jensen's commentary decrying the supposed evils of manhood was not only ridiculous, but suggested a far from desirable outcome. Desolving masculinity, that is.

Fausta accurately labels Jensen a "wuss" and points out the indisputable fact that, much to feminists' horror, "men like to protect women and women like that."

Meanwhile, Atlas calls the idea of a "feminized man...repulsive" and instead, wants her "some Robert Mitchum." I couldn't agree more. Love the sexy still she posted of Mr. Mitchum and a curvy lady friend.

Seeing as they would be on the receiving end of Jensen's proposal to do away with masculinity as we know it, the fellas have chimed in as well.

Shrinkwrapped delves into Jensen's psyche (scary thought) and ties his article in to "the radical feminist notion that gender is a social construct," as well as the left's overall obsession with "passivity."

And this morning, Rush Limbaugh, accompanied by much chuckling, read segments of Jensen's article on his show. He labeled Jensen a "male lesbian," which is strangely, the most accurate descripion I've heard thus far.

The really frightening, but sadly not surprising, part is that Jensen is a journalism professor at the University of Texas.

Mammas, don't let your sons grow up to be journalism professors...

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My Interview with Blog Talk Radio

Last night, I interviewed with Alan Levy, CEO of, an up and coming form of Internet-based radio. We talked for about an hour about all kinds of subjects, including my political transformation, war and national security, partisan politics, the lingering after-effects of 9/11 and the current state of Ground Zero.

If anyone would like to listen in, the interview's been archived and made available here.

And I highly recommend the Blogtalkradio show Atlas On the Air. The host, Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, inspired me to look into the possibility of starting my own show. I'll keep readers posted...