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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Those Industrious Palestinians At It Again

Amongst those seduced by the Palestinian "cause," there is much lamenting over the perceived absence of statehood. But what's lost admidst all the handwringing is that a de facto Palestinian state already exists. And as predicted by many an observer, it's an Islamist, terrorist state.

Indeed, the main export of this state is death, for if there's anything Palestinians are good at it's the pursuit of destruction. That is, destroying Israel, Jews, Christians and when all else fails, each other.

Now it seems those industrial Palestinians have built what Israeli army chief of staff Dan Halutz is calling an "underground city" in Gaza. A labyrinth of tunnels filled with smugglers and weapons, the only aim of this city is to launch attacks on Israel. I guess it never occurred to them to build something above the ground that their people could actually use, like maybe a playground or something?

As I once commented, if the Palestinians put half as much energy into productive pursuits that they do into causing murder and mayhem, then maybe they really would be worthy of a state.

As it is, I'll take a Kurdistan over a Palestine any day.

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